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I'm Baaaaaack

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for those of you who didnt know on sept 8th i had to have emergency colon surgery and be put in a medically induced coma for 5 days. :mad: i am now home and recovering , i have one more surgery in about 4months and will be good as new keep all the fishing reports coming . :) it gives me something to look forward to !!!
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tcba 1987 good to see that you are doing well,hopefully you will be pulling in some bigguns before you know it,wishing you a speedy recovery
Welcome back Brian. Emergency surgeries are a tough thing to deal with. Very glad to hear you came out of it good and hope you have a speedy recovery. You will be back on the Tuscarawas before you know it. I was put under for two weeks when I was younger, very strange feeling when you wake up and lost time. Take care and haul in a big flathead as soon as you can. Abu
Welcome back and hope you get well very quickly!!
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