im asked, do u want a 12' jhonboat ( for free)

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  1. rich crabtree

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    :confused2::confused2::0a22:this boat is 40 years old, has nt seen water in 15, and its # cant be seen any more. what do i need to do to make it legal for the water, for nite fishing. all i have to do is pick it up.ive never had a boat befor so im pumped up about it, now i can get to a lot more place s, or who do i call to find this out ? thanks guys.
  2. Hoopie

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    I think you will be ok. In Ohio under 14' you don't need a title, Just a bill of sale or in your case proof of ownership. To make it legal for night fishing you need navigational lights. Look on ohio division or watercraft website for everything you need.Good luck with it.