im asked,do u want 12'boat ( free )

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  1. rich crabtree

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    12' jhon boat, thats 40 years old, is given to me(what am i in for ? )it s #cant be read any more, it s rivaed and not welded. and ive neverhad a boat before what do i need to do tomake it legal for the water, and nite fishing, i need some help with this one boys,or do u know who i can call to find this all out . thaks guy s:crazy::confused2::confused2:
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    a title isn't necessary for that boat however registration is, and i think the numbers are necessary for that, you may need to either get it inspected so they can issue you a new hull number or they just might give you one. i'm not 100% on that one. anyways just call up the watercraft office and they'll let you know. if you want to put any kind of motor on it (trolling, gas) you'll need to get that type of registration. i think its like 30 bucks. then just put the stickers on make sure you got a life jacket for everyone on the boat, your lights, anchor, distress signal (whistle :smile2: ) and a throw able flotation device and you'll be good.

    yeah i know its sounds like alot for a 12 foot boat but i went through it for my old 10' foot, its not so bad

  3. kitsinni

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    The rules can be a bit confusing and I don't know them all. I would check and see if a boat that old has special qualifications for registrations. I know in some states the requirements change if the boat is over a certain age.

    Good Luck!
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    My buddy just went though that getting new numbers. He bought a boat someone had reenforced the transom and covered the data plate. He called DNR and they had to set up a time for him to get it inspected. Lucky all the Dnr guys were in our erea for the walleye run and he took to the river to one of the ramps and they did it there. It's been about a week and he said they told him 2-3 weeks to get the paperwork in the mail.