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    Staunton, IL
    ended up going to the Illiois near Grafton. Found a nice little spot where you can park within 20 yds of the water. After the little lady and I policed up the area (3 bags of trash) it was real nice. I don't understand why people can't just pick up their own trash. Kim said that it would probably look the same (trashed) next time we come, but hopefully someone that sees how nice it is clean will think twice before they leave trash behind. I caught a bunch of 2-4 inch shad at the boat ramp at pierre marquette. ended up with gar and one bowfin. no cats. we got soaked but had a good time
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    Yep, makes ya just sick to see how some people just dump their trash, and I'm saying, there's alot of bait packages left layin around too...... seems to me if ya would just take a trash bag and put your trash in, wouldnt be so many land owners griping and refusing to let us fish on their land!! Pick up your trash people, it dont take but a second to toss a can, or bait package in a trash bag! Ok I'm off the podium now LOL :)

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    Hey Rhett! Glad to see ya post, my kin are all in Illinois and I know some pretty spots. Then again I've seen so much trash you couldn't carry it off!