Illinois River, Utica

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  1. catfishingRon

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    Earlville, IL
    Here are a couple pics of the Illinois river off the Utica bridge. I touched one up a little. Let me know if you give it a thumbs up or down. Im still learning and any feedback or requests would help.:crazy:

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  2. slimy

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    Mattoon, Il
    Ron I work on a towboat pushing barges on that river and they tied our boat up because the ice was getting to thick .It looks like theres a path but its been awhile since a boat has went thru we sure was having a tough time last wed pushing through it .The last night we ran we busted both face up wires and the tow in front of us was stuck and wasnt going anywhere for awhile and they had 2 barges and broke 4 wires .To my knowledge nothing is moving now am I right or is there a lonely towboat tryin to make a dollar ?lol Our boat is tied up in Lamont along with a several more boats ...Slimy

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    I miss that river...cant wait to fish when it gets a little warmer.I`ve always wanted to try to fish south of that bridge,but cant seem to find any road access.I usually fish north of the bridge before the dam.Thanks for sharing the pics!!!
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    Centralia, Illinois
    The Kaskaskia river behind Carlyle lake to the south and east of you guys is open but pretty dirty and swollen thanks to the 2+ inches of rain that we recieved before the 4 inches of snow. Fished for 2 and a half hours saturday morning until the wind got unbearable. Not even a nibble. Was using cut shad. Last weekend did well oin cut shad and nightcrawlers but the river was about 10 ft lower. Two channels close to ten on cut, 4 3-4 lbs on crawlers. Lost a real good one after he hung me up. Hope I can beat the rain this weekend. Sure nice today but the wife wouldnt let me go...........:angry: