Illinois land owners!

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by BigCatDreaming, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. BigCatDreaming

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    I've been trying to get in on some coyote hunting this year and just about every door I knock on either its someones land from out of town or they dont allow hunting. I am hoping to find someone who will allow me to hunt their land for some yotes (and only yotes). Who knows maybe it'll help your deer population and growth. I am a trustworthy and will always police up any brass fired from my rifle. Please Respond!
  2. squirtspop

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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    Where abouts are you in Illinois? I have a friend who grew up in Astoria and he knows every farmer for miles around and he can probably line you up with a few. Don't know about the coyote population around there but I'm sure there are some.

  3. malaki

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    Redmon Illinois
    if you live near edgar county i know over a dozen farmers that would gladly let you kill all you want. i've been working 2nd shift and i see them every night and theres been a few nights here lately i can heare them howling just south of town. sounds like a bunch, gets every dog in town barking.