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    Below you will find the links to all three of the gatherings being held in Illinois They are put up here according to the date being held...
    At each these events you will meet some awesome people here on the BOC and learn something new at each one and make new friends...I personally am going to try an attend each one of them and meet as many as possible...
    Hope to see you there!!!

    2008 Catfish Camp Gathering,Prophetstown Illinois - JUNE 7, 8
    on the banks of the rock river
    Contact - cattmatt

    2008 Rend Lake Gathering, Illinois - June 20,21,22
    Rend Lake, Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park - Pavilion #2
    Contact - deerhunter4

    2008 Catstock , Illinois Gathering - August 8, 9, 10,
    Carlyle Lake, Eldon Hazzlett state park
    Contact - bearcat
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.