Illinois at it again!!!!

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    Yep, need to get this post up to ALL the bordering river states also, as it will effect them as well....... Always something, but this has been headed down ever since they got away with lead shot....... :sad2:
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    There is another thread about this, here in the Illinois section. Be sure to call/write your senator.
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    Lets assume this law will pass, what can be substituted that is cost effective?
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    A lot of those politicians won't even be able to go swimmin' till they "get the lead out".:smile2:
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    I am aware of the other thread.

    Thanks for your e-mail and expressing your thoughts on SB1269.Working
    with several fishing and outdoors organizations, I have decided to
    pursue a statewide lead sinker education program.

    SB1269 proposed to prohibit the sale and use of lead sinkers and
    jigs. I understand that many portions of the bill, as written, were
    objectionable to the fishing community. I believe that fishermen and
    outdoorsmen are some of the state's best environmentalists and most
    important advocates for the protection of natural resources.

    This Bill was brought to me by constituents in my district who are
    concerned with the impact of lead on waterfowl. When lead sinkers and
    jigs are deposited on the floor of our rivers and lakes, waterfowl and
    the rest of this food chain, including, raptors, mammals, and
    humankind can be affected. More and more studies are illustrating
    their damaging consequences. A May 2007 report on its effects on birds
    from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources found that lead
    poisoning was the cause of death for 16% of bald eagles from 2001 to
    2007, one out of four trumpeter swans over the past two decades, and
    about 30% of loons in 2006.

    While lead comes from many sources in addition to lead weights, it is
    because of these serious effects and the availability of
    cost-equivalent non-toxic alternatives that I have introduced this
    legislation. Other countries, including Great Britain and Canada, and
    states like New York and Maine have adopted similar legislation and
    seen positive results, and some of our most cherished national parks
    like Yellowstone have done the same.

    I recently met with Mike Clifford and Don Rego from the Illinois
    Smallmouth Alliance (ISA). Mike Clifford is the Conservation Director
    of and on the Executive Board of ISA. Mr. Clifford and I discussed
    the interests of fishing groups and the intent of the legislation.
    After meeting with Mr. Clifford, I have decided to pursue a statewide
    education program regarding lead weights as an alternative to the full
    ban. I look forward to working with the stakeholders involved and
    incorporating your interests in order to create a meaningful education

    Below, please find the statements from Mike Clifford at the Illinois
    Smallmouth Alliance.


    Heather A. Steans
    State Senator
    7th District

    Please read the following statement from Mike Clifford of the Illinois
    Smallmouth Alliance:

    ``ISA President Don Rego and myself met with Senator Steans today at a
    restaurant overlooking the Kankakee River to discuss the original bill
    that was presented.

    ``The conversation was engaging, informative and focused on a common
    regard for the natural resources in Illinois held by our group and the

    ``If there were any misconceptions on the intent of the bill, or the
    reasons it was produced, we can say with a great deal of certainty
    that a genuine concern for the overall well-being for wildlife, people
    and the resource was always the motivating factor.

    ``I'm pleased to say that many of the original components are being
    reconsidered and/or rescinded in order to focus on a strong
    educational approach as to the dangers of lead.

    ``The ISA will be a contributor to this educational approach on
    various levels, and follow the recommendations that are forthcoming
    from the IDNR and stakeholder groups that have provided valuable input
    into a serious issue with varying degrees of opinions and approaches.

    ``Thanks to all of the comments here and on various blogs/message
    boards, the Senator has been able to get a clear picture of what is
    important to the sportsmen and women of Illinois.

    ``Given the chance to take a pro-active stance on reducing the dangers
    of lead, it has become apparent that a usergroup that contributes $3.3
    Million every single day to the economy in this state will take a
    serious look at traditional fishing methods and consider how we all
    might come together and make sound choices regarding an environment we
    all depend on for the future of our sport and the well-being of the
    wildlife that inhabit our watersheds.

    ``We asked for the opportunity to take a chance at proving our
    devotion to these concerns as anglers and citizens, and that chance
    has been granted.

    ``It wasn't long ago that we wouldn't have had the opportunity to have
    a seat at the table in determining policy that affects the rivers and
    streams we choose to spend a great deal of time among, but a new
    administration with a history of environmental stewardship has paved
    the way for every voice to be heard and recognized.

    ``We have many reasons to be thankful and appreciative for a change.''
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    I knew an old timer that used old nuts(bolts). He'd buy them cheap at yard sales, auctions etc by the coffee can full. Thats been my plan for two weeks since I heard of the proposed ban. Gonna melt my lead sinkers down into .50cal round balls and shoot deer I reckon? I priced steel/no lead sinkers and I cant afford them with as many as we use. 6 no.4 split shot were $1.50,ugh! 3/4oz is the smallest we use. I'd have to get a loan to buy enough for us. Bullets will be next I bet.
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    Maybe if we all got together and paid a huge tax for the politicians to put in thier pockets, it would be o-k then. The big businesses do it! They dump tons of lead, mercury, and other toxins everyday. But then maybe the lead they're dumping isn't toxic since the tax has been paid...:sad2:
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    An educational program for Illinoisans? Good luck!! Even the IDNR in their fishing regs. say "only eat so many fish, from the rivers." Then they go on an admit that this is over stated. OK, I agree that maybe you shouldn't eat the fish you catch every day, but be smart (that's asking a lot) about it. Shot gun shells with small shot, in shallow water, I understand, but come on-sinkers?? I think this is much to do about nothing. Your time would be better spent at cleaning up the rivers and streams and going after manufactures and others that dump toxins into the water. Maybe too much tax money from them, huh?
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    Good comment Mark. This is probably true. Sounds like you hit a home run.:wink:
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    well, at least the talk of banning sinkers has quieted for now. Good thing, as I have a nice stockpile right now..