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    I would like the local cat fisherman to know that there is a couple guys out there fishing illegally for cats. 2 guys 1 women and 2 kids were at the ford dam saturday night august 29, they caught bait bullheads at a local pond in mpls ( not good) and then proceeded to use them at the ford dam with illegal treble hooks (not good) and the icing on the cake is that they didn't have a proper net the sad story is the my nice buddy used his net to land their fish for them as we were fishing legally nearby in return they were suppose to release the fish. it turned out to be a beauty of a flathead 40 plus pounds and these nim rods had the balls the keep the fish and than they emptied the garbage can and took the liner to transport there fish. if anybody here's these guys bragging please turn them in to the DNR.
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    West Newton, PA
    you should have done it.

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    Thomas Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois. You missed a great opportunity to take care of an illegal problem, like Brian stated.
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    Wow, that sounds like a mess. any pictures? and where and when did they catch that. closser to the creek mouth or up against the dam.

    finaly i would mention, that i aggree using trebble hooks for catfishing is realy unnessessary. circle work better both for catching and releasing.

    finaly i would also add to this that MN DNR has had more serrious problems of organized trapping of cats with remote hidden gear on the river. that to me is more serrious and i would like to see an end there should be laws against clearing out a public resource and liquidating for fish frys. i think that it should be possible to test tissue samples to see if fish are from public waterway sources. as i understand if the water doesnt meet certain PCa chemical REquirements it is illeagel to wholesale for food. but im not sure on exact wording. i just remember seeing some info when a freind was reasearching export requirements for minnesota food fish. this law may only hold true to food exported and not used inside the state.

    ...woops got side tracked.
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    You should have called the tip line. Though... it would have been pretty hard to get any resolution. Its pretty common to to catch bullhead and use them in the river. Minnehaha creek just down stream flows through all those lakes in MPLS and then dumps into the river.
    Fishing with treble hooks....... well.... if they have a bead or spinner on the front of it that makes it legal.
    I know a couple of the CO's and they spend alot of time in that area.
    Next time get the TIP number and put it in your wallet.
    Its a shame that they kept a big fish like that.