If you want to catch catfish,

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    1 carton chicken livers
    1 package of limburger cheese.
    Enough flour to stiffen the bait.

    You'll need rubber or plastic gloves for the first part. Put the gloves on and mush the limburger, and chicken livers. Mix until thoroughly blended. Then mix in flour until you get the consistency you want. Let set in the sun for at least 4 days with the lid slightly open. (The bait will rise slightly.) Use this bait with catfish worms, or sponge hooks.
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    Sounds like it would be a good bait. Thanks for sharing the recipe

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    I am gonna try addin th liver to th limburger chz. usually I just get easy melt velveeta, limburger spread, garlic cheese. melt, combine an refigerate. then scoop out and put on trebble hook. for chum I am trying a new recipe. take bait shrimp from H.E.B. or local grocery store, dry dog food, canned dog food, and chicken liver, put in blender add cream corn and water and red jello. put in BIG country crock butter container, refrigerate till time to go fishing. then just put holes in container and sink. you might wanna weight th container w/rocks or gravel b4 adding th mixture, also u may not wanna use th same blender your wife uses for her mixed drinks, lol. I did, then had to buy her a new blender, lol. well I hope u try this an it works for u, also hope it works for me to, soon as th waters reced an we can get back on th water
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    Thanks for the reciept I'll try it out. Sounds like even I should be able to do this one.
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    Try using cattails for the thickening will make a good dip bait that way. Don't have cattails using some cotton stuffing proly available at walmart or craft stores.