if you are going to the colorado river system!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by curtis, May 8, 2006.

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    i just landed the biggest fish ever at the colorado river system. i just want to let you guys and gals know what worked for me. the bite for blue gill was on around one to three in the evening and then stoped dead. nothing earlier or later. thats what i used for the cats. i let them die and then cut off thier dorsal fin ( you know the spins on the back of the fish) . cut them up a little bit and hooked them on a drop shot rig with a triangle one ounce wieght. with a swivel about four inches above the wieght. and about three inches of line conected to the swivel and a bait holding hook. hooked the dead blue gill by the tail. the cats didnt bite till about eight till about nine for me on the third day out. but it was a giant. so i thought i would let everyone know what worked for me, and maybe it couled work for you.
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    nice fish, what part the river ya catch it at?

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    SW Ohio
    congrats on the nice fish!