If it is broke, you ain't gonna fix it:

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    Just watched Nancy head up the hill in darkness and ice to go to work. If a deer or the iced roads don't kill her maybe she will make a coupla bucks today.

    I get the day to do what I can to simplify some misery around here. It has come but it has not gone and more to come. Like Phil Washburn and so many others we have gotten it and it laughed at us. Our worries about fancy cars, computers, jobs we have to have, the right Christmas gift doesn't really matter when we get nailed.

    As some of you know after I quit Veterinary Medicine, Nancy and I bought a Nursery and Landscape Business. Over 18 years we sold and/or sold and planted over 4,000 trees, 6-8,000 shrubs and over 10,000 perennials. We additionally planted over 4,000 trees here on the home place. The stuff I jobbed people on were compatible with our zone or natives. The weird stuff people demanded we ordered and couldn't talk them out of because they saw it on some damb lawn and garden show or cheap catalogue and had to have it. Have gotten a first hand look at how stuff held up.

    Native hardwoods- All oaks, lindens, tulip trees, nut trees, cherries, except for the ashes have done well. Ashes look like death warmed over.

    Softwoods- Piss elms, white elms, red elms, soft maples or cultivars of root grated silver maples, birches all took a beating. The trees you see falling on power lines and causing pretty sparks and fires in the news videos you see are generally softwoods.

    Under story stuff- Ironwood, wahoos, shrub ashes and elms, mulberries, and more are all toast.

    Evergreens- White pines, arborvitaes, spruces, yews, cedars (columnars, pyramidals, globes) are really hurting. In my avatar you see a portion of some arborvitaes I planted 18 years ago. They now look like a war zone. Won't know with a lot of these until May to see how much damage has really occurred. The branches will turn brown and have to be pruned.

    Flowering trees- Crab apples, flowering pears, dogwoods, decoratives have really done well. I prune these yearly and I think that helped.

    Fruit trees in the orchard- Except for old ones have done well. I think the pruning I perform has helped these.

    Shrubs- We have an unimaginable number of shrubs. They are coated with over a 1/4 inch of ice from the tips to the bottom. They will do well. The problem is the wildlife can't access the fruits and buds.

    Perennials- Hundreds. They will do well. About the only thing that kills them is drought.

    If you have the ice or the snow we will all get, do not, unless it is threating your house or power lines try to remove what is on the plant. You will do more damage than Nature can. Leave it alone, leave the ice and snow where it is and hope spring comes. We are supposed to get wind today, we have not had melting temperatures and the ice is still there. With a wind and the weight of ice those limbs will get wrung off like chicken necks. It is 7:00 o'clock and I hear shotguns going off. Middle of our second shotgun season and morons are out in the timbers trying to prove they are Davy Crockett. They may get more than they bargained for when those branches start coming down.

    I love trees. It makes me want to bawl to see them go through this. Many we have planted and watch grow into some really nice stuff. What is worse for me with this is the wildlife. Nancy loves her birds. She has a number of feeders and they have been exceptionally active, the normal stuff we all see, but the last two days birds have been showing up that do not normally come. When you are hungry, the fear of humans take back seat.

    I saw a squirrel come out of it's hole in an old linden below the barn yesterday. Comical but sad. He slid most of the way down the trunk, then found out he couldn't dig through the ice to find his larder. The dogs saw him but couldn't get to him because their feet kept slipping out from under them on the ice. He decided to go back to bed in that old linden.

    Nancy's horse continues to stand in the pasture, moving only several feet at a time because of the ice. I took her water and grain last night. I hope she is Ok when I get out there this morning. My old skid steer would have a hard time digging a trench to bury her.

    Just some things on my mind this morning, informing you of. Can't do anything about it but it helps not thinking of Nancy driving down those dark roads to buy me beer.

    John. Merry Christmas
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    very cool report from the frozen north john. hopefully this cold snap doesnt last very long for you guys and you can thaw out for a little while. if you need anything, just let us know. we still have a place set at the table for you, so if you and the misses would like to get out of the cold, come on down. :wink:

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    Ice is one thing that scares me worse than a drunk on the road. I really am inept at controlling direction of the four wheels in that stuff. Reminds me of the time I went down the ice laden hill in a round Coke sign. There is no way to steer one of them things. We separated company at the bottom of the hill as the old Coke sign and I went over a curb together and landed separately.

    I hope Nancy made it to work safe and comes home before dark.

    I feel for your loss of trees. At least your loss is by Nature though. I have this crazed spouse that after leaf season each year declares every tree in the yard "dead". I've actually taken the spark plug off of his chainsaw at times.

    If you run out of beer, swallow a few raw eggs. I hear it makes ya feel better.
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    John I don't know how warm it will get up Your way today but I hope it starts to melt for you folks SOON as you can sure use some thawing.Now with that being said I could send the Mother-in-Law up to spend a fue days, now I'm telling You that old Gal is Full of HOT air and the Melting would take place shortly after Her arrival!!! What do You Think? J.D.:wink:
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    Thanks for the personal glimpse John. It took me away from home this morning for a little while with the pictures that you so easily painted in my minds eye. Now go get that camera so some of our less imaginative friends can learn about wildlife and forestry! lol:eek:oooh::crazy::smile2::smile2::smile2:

    PS I would have loved to see that squirrel lol