If it does not rain (ALOT) soon.....

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by KansasKatter, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. KansasKatter

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    Wichita Kansas
    After visiting several of the local lakes the last few weeks it is pretty obvious that if we do not get a few good rains soon, fishing most of the lakes next summer is going to be almost impossible. Most ramps on most lakes are going to be unusable.:sad2:
  2. Ryan11r

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    Newton Kansas
    I know what you meen. I have been driving around this fall just looking and the lakes are way low. Maybe its a good thing I kept my 10 foot jon boat.

  3. Catfish Fever

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    Wside, Mil
    It sure would help A LOT if it would rain. It would help A LOT MORE if the corps would stop draining the resevoirs for who (other than them) knows what reason. Milford is down 6.5 feet and falling. There is 40 feet coming down the river, and 200 + - going out the dam. A month or so ago, the local rag had an article from one of the corps guy's when the lake was 3 feet down, he made a "statement" that Milford Lake would "absolutely not be drawn down any more. That lasted about a week, they shut it down to 25 cfs, the following week it started increasing the flow, it got as high as 300+. Lately it's been running right at 200cfs.
  4. Calvin

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    Just like it always does Jim, politics trumps reason and fairness every time. I thought they were finished raping Milford but should have known big business interests downstream in other states would carry more weight than the best interests of Kansans.
    El Dorado is almost 6 feet low. If we don't get some significant rainfall soon we are in danger of losing huge populations of fish in our lakes and rivers. It has been almost 18 months (Aug.,05) since we have had any rain to speak of here. I know the rest of the state is just as bad or worse. It will take a real gulleywasher just to get enough water in the watersheds and ponds and pasture branches to send runoff to the lakes. This time of year is historically dry in Kansas and I don't expect the needed change in weather patterns until at least spring, if then. One more year like 2006 will just about do local hunting and fishing in.