If all else fails

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    The local fishermen were dumbfound, the fish had quit biting, no one except old Jed were catching any fish. Old Jed had some shady ways and the game warden had run ins with Jed so he decided to find out what he was up to.

    The next day at the ramp here came old Jed in his John boat. The boat was low in the water. When Jed loaded his boat the game warden wandered over to take a look. Low and behold there were huge catfish, more than he had seen in awhile.

    After talking with old Jed, they agreed to make a day of fishing the next day.

    They met at the agreed upon time. Jed took his boat to the middle of the next cove down, and anchored right int he middle of it. They baited poles and dropped lines. An hour passed and nothing happened. Jed was growing restless. 30 more minutes went by, and Jed could no longer stand it. He told the game warden to reel in his lines. Jed pulled in the anchor and idled the motor. Then he reached in his bag and pulled out a stick of dynamite, lit the fuse and threw it as far as he could. Boom!!!!! Jed hit the gas, and slowed down and started scooping up fish. The game warden was amazed.

    He asked Jed, do you know that is illegal, and I am going to have to arrest you? Jed just kept scooping up fish. After all the fish were in the boat, he again reached in his bag and took out another stick of dynamite. He lit the fuse on the dynamite, and handed it to the game warden, and asked him. "Are you gonna fish or are we going to discuss tackle?"
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    oldie but goodie, thanks!