If a flathead catfish shakes it's head: will the hook come out?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Rajun_Cajun, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Rajun_Cajun

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    since your not supposed to set the hook with circle hooks cause it will rip right out. well if your fighting a good sized flathead and it shakes it's head... will that hook come out since it wasnt hooked?
  2. Larry

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    The key is you want to keep constant tension on your line. The circle hook sets its self, when the fish starts moving with the bait. (You can pull the hook out/miss the fish with out the hook setting if you go for a big hookset)
    IF the Flat shakes his head. With tension the hook should not pull loose.
    As with any big fish if you let the line go slack you stand a high probability of loosing the fish, No matter how the fish was hooked.

  3. wishiwasfishin

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    yeah as long as you got a tight line and the hook is hooked well in his mouth you will be alright.i have lost alot of fish at the bank when i'm bending over to get him and you get slack and a big fish bad combo..guess thats what they make dip nets for:)
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    I am not one who uses circle hooks much, but felt like posting.. i was at this lake last year and lost 2 big ones even with tension on the line one was because i was "horsing" him too much and the other i dunno why... they were both over 25 pounds from what i saw of them...but just keep the line tight and the hook set and u will do fine! :cool:
  5. loanwizard

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    It is hooked, it is a self hooking hook. Look at one and you will understand. It rotates in the fish's mouth then penetrates. You have to have bait in the right position or the hook will not penetrate. Same with the fish's mouth if you try to set the hook.
  6. JAYNC

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    Also make sure you are using a swivel in your rig because flats roll on the surface and under water and without a swivel your hook will probably come out.
  7. maddcatter

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    From what I've noticed about circles, once they're hooked, it takes a lot for the hook to come out. I sometimes have trouble unhooking the fish after I bring them in. Another great thing about a cicle hook is 90% of the time the fish is hooked good.

    I caught my first flathead using a circle hook and a 6-8in goldfish. After letting the goldfish sit for about ten minutes, it got a lot more aggressive but I didn't notice any strikes. 20 minutes later, I reeled my line in with a 1lb flathead on the hook.
    It turns out, the flathead was on the line for about 20 minutes. The line went slack a couple of times when it was out there. The fish never got off.
  8. Catchinbiguns

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    I totally agree. That's the key with all cats.
  9. JAinSC

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    put first name
    Circle hooks are still "set" just not by a quick jerk on the rod. They are set by slow steady increase in presure which moves the hook tio the corner of the jaw and rotates it into the fish. Once set they are very difficult to shake.

    Circle hooks come from commercial longliners. They don't use them for any conservation reason. They use them because they hook fish and the fish don't come off.

    I read a while back my favorite quote on hooks and keeping fish hooked, etc. It was something like: the barb's not meant to keep the fish on the hook, it's meant to keep the hook in the fish