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Idea for braided line & Sliders Slides

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Good Morning Gang,
I was just doing some thinking this morning :thinking: :sleepy:
(so don't laugh at me yet).
About a post that was started not to long ago, about the problem with "Sinkers Slides & Braided Line" & how some fishermen had a problem with the line ether cutting thought the plastic of the Sinker Slide or using no-roll sinkers and thinking that the line is getting fraid.
Well I think that I found an answer to it & I'm thinking about trying it out.
(remember - don't laugh - bear with me)
How about adding this - & just flair out both ends of the slider with a simple hole punch:
Offshore Angler Swivel Sleeves
Now just add your sinker to it with this:
Offshore Angler Duolock Snaps
It's worth a shot - right?

Oh Yea - "Now you can laugh".
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generally if your no rolls are knicking and or cutting your line odds are the ends are rough and not cleaned up properly when made

one idea is to take a piece of 24 gauge wire and pull the wire out of the insulation it should fit inside the hole of the no roll with room for your line still down the middle and it will be much softer on the line and on the sinker slides even with mono they will still wear through and or get casted through if using a sizeable weight
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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