Ice Storm! Are you OK?

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by thomas feldon, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. thomas feldon

    thomas feldon New Member

    Farmington, MO.
    Hey gang, how you doing after our first introduction to winter? Alot different than the last few winters HUH!
    I didn't have a lot of tree damage here, but was without power for 5 day's.
    One good thing did come out of the storm though. My wife got a 4000 watt generator for a early christmas present this year!:lol:. I don't think it was mine as I want a new fishing pole and tackle box.
    I have to look on the lighter and bringhter side of thing's.
    How many babies are going to be here in 9 month's?
    Also how many reaquaintices have been rekindled in this time.:eek:oooh:.
    Never to old to get young again ,HUH!
    Tell us how you fared without electric.
    What did you do for heat? Cooking ?
    Well just woundering if your OK?
    I'm origanally form NY, and we are not that far from ice fishing now. Dang it! it's going to warm up this week. But there is alot more winter left yet!:roll_eyes: .
  2. Cuz

    Cuz New Member

    DeSoto, MO
    Great questions and post Tom. I was in New York when the big ice storm hit. Of course my wife called with no power. After 30 minutes of taking notes from me, she had the fire place going and had hot coffee brewing on my coleman stove, using my bass pro shops 32 quart stainless coffee pot. She also got the generator going, and found the usefullness of my propane lanterns, and even learned they put out alot of heat. hehehehe. Long story short, she realized all of the "toys" I have accumulated actually do have purposes. It was a great day for all "men"kind. If you didnt get out all of your toys to show your spouses their usefullness, then you missed a great opportunity. Hope everybody faired ok. cuz:cool2:

  3. cook

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    I know what you mean,Cuz.Have a basement full of junk that might come in handy one day....
    Tornado hit our town 2 times in 10 days a few years ago....all that "junk" got a work-out.

    Tom,me barely missed all that ice and snow,it was only about 30 miles away,dodged the bullet....this time:roll_eyes: