Ice off- FINALLY!!

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  1. buddah

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    Looks like the old "SUSKIE" is finally ready to start fishing! I was beginning to think that spring forgot us here in the PineCreek valley! The canadian Geese are flocking back in droves and my St'Croix's are all fired up and ready to go fishing! Now I just gotta re-new my License ($36.00!!!!) ouchy... Oh well, still gotta get some new lures and line anyway. Time to hit those little tributaries with the fly-rod too! Smallies on a fly-rod is great fishing in my book! Trying out some new patterns this spring too...I'm just so excited to get out of this house for a few hours with my dog and go fishing! How bout you? Here is a link to check the Susquehanna river and how high or low the water is! To check for flooding or if it it is relatively safe or low enough to start fishing it.
  2. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    I'm gonna hit the Allegheny River this afternoon! This warmer weather is great! I will post a report this evening on the Allegheny thread!:big_smile:

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    Good Luck when you all get out.I think I may try for some of those large mouth green carp here in a little bit...:big_smile:
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    Hey Buddah lucky you, the North branch has broke up but you cant get neer enough to fish it yet. The ice is still 4 5' high along the banks. I'm still stuck with ice fishin. Man I'm ready fot some open water.
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    I feel your pain:tounge_out:
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    By next week, the shad should be running, the stripers and walleyes should be biting.