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    I thought I'd pass this along to all who have ice makers in their fridge as it could save you some money for service calls and/or parts.

    This has happened to me twice and I think a couple of times to carpet1.
    Our reefers are both alike and you get ice and cold water thru the door. You never notice that the ice maker has quit working until you go to get some and no cubes comes out. You look inside and the ice box is empty.

    What happens is that when the box gets full of ice it pushes the little arm up to make it quit making ice so it doesn't overflow. If it sits in this position for a few days the ice that is in the tube freezes. I thought the water valve had went out and had I not been short of cash I would have purchased a new one. As it was, I was over at carpet1's house and told him about it. He told me the cure.

    Shut off the water at the valve either in the wall or the floor, remove the tube that feeds the icemaker, then remove the tube that goes into the icemaker. Some are held in by 2 small screws. Just remove them and pull out this small tube usually about 10-12 inches long. Hold it under water and thaw it out. Usually a couple of minutes and you'll have a 3-4 inch piece of ice the size of the tube. Re-install, turn your water back on and it'll start making ice again.

    What happens is this water doesn't go into the ice tray since the arm that says the ice tray is full is holding it back and it freezes in the tube preventing any water from going in once the ice level is reduced.

    Rather simple cure but could be expensive if you aren't aware. Pass around to all you know who use icemakers.
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    Chuck, thanks for the tip.
    Never had that particular problem. I'm surprised that the tube would freeze up if the valve is fully shutting off. A very slow drip could cause a freeze up in the tube. Ours has been full of ice and off for weeks at a time. We have another ice maker that is off as long as a month and never been a problem. I did read somewhere if you shut off the water supply to always raise the lever to shut off the ice maker to prevent freeze ups. I always shut off the water supply to the house if we're going to be gone for a few days and make sure the ice maker is off.

    Just a couple days ago I had to replace the solenoid-operated water valve to the water dispenser in the door because it wasn't completely shutting off. It's a double valve that supplies the ice maker and the water dispenser. I removed it but couldn't find any problem with the valve so I replaced it. Cost $42 and takes only a few minutes to replace. I noticed the new one had a postage paid sticker in the box and asked to return the old valve to Whirlpool so they could determine why it failed. This one is 14 years old but we've had ice makers for many years and never had a valve to fail. In TX due to the high salt content in the water I would have to clean the ice tray ever couple years to keep the ice from sticking to the tray. The water here is so much better than what we had in west TX.

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