Ice Check, One Two

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    Since the downtown MO river gauge was still showing ~32F this morning (spiked since and pool is up 4"), I thought I'd swing by a couple of the other local KC spots to see what the ice cover looked like. Here's what I found (and it wasn't good):

    Jacomo: Iced over. Looked like a few holes here and there. This was merely a mirage.
    Blue Springs Lake: Same.
    James A Reed Conservation Area: Same.

    Finally, I was so depraved this afternoon that I even swung by Kenagy Park pond in Raytown. It too, was iced over. My wife is convinced that I've completely lost my mind. Well, I'll show her! I'm thinking that later tonight, I'll thaw some skipeye, rig it on one of my new Team Catfish double action hooks, and flush it down the toilet. I'm feeling lucky. Please, no "brown trout" jokes. Oh, does anyone know if there's an article in the library on how to land a fish caught in the toilet?

    But here's the real question: How do the rivers and lakes in your area look?
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    Iced over along the edges.Makes it hard to do much of anything. A lot of water showing out in the middle now but can't get to it. Now below the dams where there is more current the Missip is pretty open. Went down to Eagle Days in Clarksville Sat and there was 2-3 boats out on the water up by the dam.No ice along banks there:smile2:.At least I can go down there and bank fish.If I could just find some Skips for bait.