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    Im new here but know that this is a big family and I like that. I have a problem that I would like you to think about and then give me your thoughts.
    First some background.
    I work in surgery and have did so for about ........well 30+ years. Oct 17 I lost my job due to several Partners (I work as a Licensed Surgical Assistant with a group of Ortho. Dr's) leaving the group. To save on $$$ the other partners cut staff, I was one of those cut.
    I continued to work on my own assisting (I can bill insurance) two Drs. one of which was one of the partners from my old job. I was doing good but then found out that he was billing for someone else and that I could not bill. All that work and $$ down the drain. I had been living off savings for about 5 months now so things were getting tight.
    My youngest son and his family were haveing trouble making ends meet even with both of them working. My home is a 4 bedroom and too much for me. We have decided to try to live together.
    My oldest grandson, Adam, 16 has the attention span of . I gave him a task of making sure that the house was locked up before he went to bed and he did not do it. Forgot. Now its not that big of a deal but it could have been. It needs to be addressed and I have come up with a couple of ideas. One making him get up during the night and doing a night watchman thing by checking the doors and signing in. One time during the night for x amount of time and the other making him the home security person. This making safety rules and teaching the family about them. Sort of like an Eagle project.
    My questions for you is this. Do you have your family do anything like this, Do you know a good source of info on home security checklists ect
    or do you think that this should just get a slap on the hand and let it go?
    Lots of changes coming my way :crazy: but the boys are in for a little supprise also. :big_smile: I love a good challange.
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    My wife and I use to put the kids "jobs" on the frigde door. With the list was written the punishment if jobs not done. That way there was no argueing about the job or punishment. It was right there for them to see. kids eat all the time so they saw the list. Believe me the list was not very along.

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    I would have rousted him out of bed, to go and do what was supposed to be done before he went to bed. A couple of times and he would get the message.

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    Are we talkin more than 1 child? My suggestion "DUTY ROSTER" with ramifications for not doin what ya were supposed to. Worked for me with 3 boyz.
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    Ooooo, Rick - just remember, there's nuthin a 16-year-old loves better thanto challenge authority, so I'd just be real careful to not let this become a battle of the wills.

    I'm not familiar with home security techniques, but truthfully, I'm not sure that I'd want a 16 yo responsible for that. Our 11-yo son does a better job remembering such stuff than daughter 16, but that may be partly cuz he enjoys locking his sister outta the house :roll_eyes:

    Bill's suggestion about the fridge list is a good one that's worked for us during those "forgetful" stages. Giving Adam a household chore or two is a great way to help him make the transition to his own new living arrangements, for sure. I'd just suggest that along with a possible loss of privileges if he forgets to do his part, there might also be some positive reinforcement when he remembers ... kinda like they do in 5th grade, giving the kids a special treat if they maintain good behavior all week.

    Will think on this some more after coffee and I'm sorry to hear about your work/billing difficulties, but ... wow, what all you've gained! Very cool for you to be able to have such impact on your grandkids' lives :lol:

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    My lowly opinion is, there ain't no house big enough for two families. Be careful to not put yourself in the position of "odd man out". If two people workin' can't make "ends meet", how is a third "end" going to help? If you want to contribute, help them in their own space. You're going to be paying the utilities, buying the groceries, etc anyway. Good luck...

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    Greenup Co. KY
    If that ain't the truth I don't know what is!!! My mother-in-law is staying with us(has been for a bit.second time she has) and I'm going crazy!!!
    Best of Luck to you Brother and hope things work out well!
    Going Crazy in KY
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    I would say, and this is personal preference but also just safe thinking-> be sure and lock the house up yourself. I think when i read your post you said it was ur house and they moved into it with you, right? Well, when you lock up your own house at night it shows that you are still the authority figure, that you still own the house. Locking up your house is no small matter. I'm sure you could put that teenager to good use with other matters. Shoot, what am I saying, I'm a teen myself! N E ways, like I said, personally I would want to lock up my own house, and I would probably want a curfew for everybody. If they aren't in the house b4 I lock up then they don't come in till I unlock in the morning. And make sure that everybody knows not to break in. They're liable to get themselves shot. Period. :) Hope this helps