I went to Santa Claus Indiana Yesterday

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Nobody Special, May 24, 2006.

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    We loaded up the grandkids and went to Holiday World/Splashing Safari, formerly Santa Claus Land, yesterday. They had been advertising heavily on TV lately. Entry was a little pricy. Regular $36.95, but we got $7.00 off each ticket for bringing them a Pepsi can. They had all the free drinks we could drink and all the rides were included in the gate price. Food prices were very reasonable. They had 3 big roller coasters but we couldn't get the kids near them and I sure as hell wasn't going to get on one.
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    Hey Grumpy. I took the kids there last year for vacation for two days. It was very nice. The palce is clean and well run. The free drinks are great. Went to Six flags in St louis the year before. The price at the gate was the same. THE DRINKS would break you up at six flags.