I Went fishing today...

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    Dayton Area Ohio
    Finally as with the cold and snow of late along with work, hitting water has been tricky. Thought I had some things I had to do, dental visit, sick friend, 83 YO mom or whatever else came up on my day off. Dentist cancelled, best friend and fishing buddy's mom stayed with him, and my Mom was happy with just a phone call. Stopped by favorite and closest catfish pond, fozen over so drove to another. The same at another standby...no breaks in the ice. Drove out to Bellbrook, still close by to see how bad the ice was there. In the winter, Spring Lakes, stocks farm raised rainbow trout which don't live too long in lakes as we go into Spring here in Ohio. My friend mentioned above and I often fish there lately just to catch "something" and had done well before this recent cold snap. This pond was about a third covered in ice with plenty of open areas and I took a minimum of tackle. Circled my way around the known good areas near the springs with a popeye jig or a spinner. Nothing. Made my way all around the pond working the edges of the ice shelf and areas of cover. I went back to the popeye after trying other jigs, no live bait which work better there but it was a short notice fishing opportunity. It was a sunny 42 degree day in late winter in Ohio and as I was fishing. That was what mattered most just being there enjoying nature. As I was speaking to a nice couple, several people were out there, having no luck either and as I was casting the popeye along some submerged rocks a nice fish hit which I coaxed in. The couple lent me their net as it was really a decent fish, about 5-6 lbs I would say which is respectable for these stocked trout. And they were shocked as I offered it to them having caught nothing. I broke down my rig, loosened the drag on the reel and tucked the mini tackle box in my jacket as they sincerely thanked me for "dinner" I wished them well and drove home. Didn't bring digi cam for a pic, sorry. A little smaller trout would have tasted great for me and I would have brought it home but I know they enjoyed their meal.
    Time spent: 3 hours including driving,
    Gas: about 2 bucks,
    Tackle lost to snags about 50 cents
    Fishing: priceless.
    Now it's time for some catfish! Right?

    DELLIS New Member

    glad you got out it's got to be getting time soon
    i am hoping to go tuesday

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    Must be nice to go fishing....the river by me is all ICE:006:
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    plenty of fishing avaible in northern cali in the winter...except the cat bite is slowwwwwwww, but trout are really good especially in the lakes after stormy-rainy days
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    Sarver, Pa
    Scott - Nice write -up! Yes it's great to get out and a nice Trout is a bonus!:smile2: