I was reminded why I love this place.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jlingle, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Yesterday I got a great reminder of why, and how much I love this place. The leadership here is phenomenal. Seriously, this isn't about sucking up.... it's about learning the hard way that not all message boards are that way. It takes great leadership & active participation by thoughtful moderators to make a message board get REALLY good. This board is exceptional.

    I was reminded yesterday because I was booted from my first message board, EVER. It was a hog hunting board, not another catfish board if you were wondering. I spoke my mind, in a very tactful manner (no really, I was thoughtful & considerate when I typed it all) on a subject & the owner of the website through me under the bus on the open forum.:angry: Helllooooo.... there is a PM feature on every board I've ever been a member of, and common courtesy says that if you've got a problem with somebody you take it to pm first (i learned this the hard way once). Instead, because the owner/operator of that website had no reading comprehension skills, I was being attacked on the open board ***by the owner of the site!!!! Weird. I PM'd the fella a few times asking for clarification & got chewed out, threatened, and spoken to like I was a 5 year old child. I saw the writing on the wall, so I said my goodbyes & said my piece, and was flung out the door. :tounge_out: Well, that's alright. Evidently when I said my piece it caused some serious discussion amongst the leadership of the board. I think they're doing some serious soul searching. Whatever.

    I hope everyone who is a regular on this website understands just how much the leadership of this board means. They make this thing tick. If a message board doesn't have good leadership, then it'll just fizzle right out. Good people join, figure out how crappy things are run, and move on elsewhere. Here at the BOC, good people join, kick up their feet to stay, and then are made even better. This is just the best site I've ever seen in my life, and I'm not begging for reps or thanks or brown-nosing. Just stating the facts.

    Well done mods!!!:wink: It's not easy to manage a message board of this size, and I now recognize just HOW BAD things can go when good leadership isn't in place.
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    All I can say is you have said a mouth full,and,I could not agree more with you than I already do. The staff are people who really care. Absolutely amazing to me. Another thing, I have to say is the people on this board including you Brother Jerrod in my humble opinion are the best and some of the kindest folks I have personally been priveledged to meet. That is all I will say,as this is your thread but know that you are 100 persent correct. Thank you for starting this thread and saying what you did. It needed to be said.The staff needs to know that they are wonderful people who do a wonderful job!!!~~~~Sister Pat

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    All I got to say is DITTO to your statement Jerrod I have met some of the mods in person including Paul and Eric and they are what you see here there3 wer several others I met at the National and I can't remember any that was not good people
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    It is a good board, but still has some drawbacks. I know a couple of guys that has experienced it first hand - me included.
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    This is a great site. We can speak our thoughts and as long as we don't get offensive, things are good. There's no name calling or such nonsense here.
    On some of the hunting forums heaven forbid if you disagree with the good old boys on there. I have 40 years experience in waterfowling but according to some I know nothing. Oh well, it's their loss.
    I came to this site because I was looking for a catfishing site that actually cared about the members. And I found it! It's been very good to me, and has never looked down on me. For that I say thank you very much!!!! John