I Want A Rusting Type Hook

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    All my life I liked and used nickle plated and stainless hooks for certain purposes in both fresh and salt water.Mainly to prevent rust on hooks that I planned on reusing time and again..I believe that I have been WRONG all of those years.I now want a hook that will rust out in the quickest possible time.In my 50+ years of fishing,I have lost thousands of nickle plated and hundreds of stainless hooks.I am basing this count on the many boxes of 1000 and 100 that I have bought and how many that I now have.These hooks at best,took many years to deteriorate.The stainless may lay thousands of years.With the food chain,these hooks can go through and kill several things before ending up waiting in the dirt or embedded in a growing tree.What do you think?peewee-williams
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    My dad told me about not using 'gold' hooks years ago. For the very reason you mention.

    I remember catching a bullhead or catfish with a 'gold' hook in it's mouth along with minel, when I was younger & dad telling me that is why he won't use those hooks.

    So I always used the steel ones. Though they are getting tougher to find these days.


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    Bronze hooks will rust out pretty fast. I went through a phase a couple of years back where I used stainless steel or nickel plated hooks, but like you, I hate the thought of them being out there, or worse yet, in a fishes gut, basically forever. IMO, stainless is a poor choice for freshwater use.
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    If you want a fast rusting hook get ahold of some standard eagle claw hooks. Cheap by the box, just can't keep them all in your tackle box. They will develop rust after one season.