I want a Blood Hound!!

Discussion in 'Hunting Dogs Talk' started by Duzy, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Duzy

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    My 6 month old black lab pup got run over last week. Now I am really cravin a blood hound. I just want one to lay on my porch and bay at the moon every once in a while. Does any BOC member have and/or raise Bloodhounds?
  2. CatfishHateMe

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    good dogs really. theyr a bit more active than people think. dont kno of anyone that would have one or breeds them. but i stick with black labs. ive never had a dog that can get a beer out of my frige like ole hickory can ;-)

  3. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
    There's always "Bloodhound rescue" if they've got one and you qualify. They love to track, but don't have a clue how to find their way back home.
  4. CatHound

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    Yes, as a matter of fact, I have had a number of hounds. I have raised and trained search and rescue / tracking dogs for a lot of years. I am now on my third set of sibling hounds (I've had about a dozen different ones). I was also listed on the breeders guide for a few years and assisted with some organizations that focused on Bloodhound rescue.

    I think however, you should reconsider your choice. Bloodhounds are not really a house pet kind of dog. They have enormous excersize requirements and the picture you describe of a lazy old peice of furniture looking animal is mostly a hollywood creation.

    Hounds are the origin of the term we use in english "to hound" - which means "to pursue relentlessly". Yes, they do bay, and it can be very audible to anyone in the vicinity. And your neighbors (even up to a half mile away) will not be appreciative - guaranteed !

    They can be big powerfull animals (many large males attain a size of over 160 lbs.) The ones I currently have are well over that.

    During their long history, they were bred (genetically engineered) for only one thing. They were bred to be a large robust nearly bullet proof olefactory support system that can find anything anywhere at anytime. And that, they do perfectly !
  5. catsmith1

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    Haughton, Louisiana
    I have had one BHound and loved her like a child. She was a 90 lb food eating machine. She wanted to be a lap dog so bad that she could not stand it. She was house broke but was not happy inside unlss it was cold. Really cold. She was nothing like the movies for sure! If you have about a half acre yard with a good tall fence you have a good chance of keeping one at home.

    Forget training it to do much of anything but track. Be ready for alot of slobber slinging fun!

    I'm not trying to discourage you but you need to be well informed.

    Good luck!
  6. barry

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    Got to agree with both Cathound and Catsmith1 both, this is a LARGE dog that requires a large amount of space and patients. They can slime a 20ft room with one shake and have a mercury switch that when the nose goes down the brain turns off!!!!!!This is a high maintenance animal that requires a lot of time and work
    I have worked with a breeder for a number of years training them for show,
    search and trained one to search off lead in a cave.
    If you still want one you should be prepared for the third degree from any good breeder asking a number of questions
    1. Do you have a 5, yes five, acre Fenced yard?
    2. What does the rest of the family think of the dog?
    3. Why do you want a Bloodhound?

    Look at the" American Bloodhound Club" web sight to get a feel for what you are getting yourself into and for dogs that are available for rescue.
    Now if I have not scared you off and you still have not found a rescue PM me and I will give you some more places to look for a dog.