I wanna snag a big Spoonbill

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by Marina5, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Marina5

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    I live in Illinois and need info on snagging spoonbill...Anyone know any locations to snag them? I live across river from Muscatine Iowa. Thank you very much.
  2. O2Bfishing

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    West Virginia
    SANGGING ANYTHING in our state is against the law.......what fun is that ? I dont know a single person who would consider snagging very sportsmen like.

    Ok they wont take a bait, I know that. target something you have to put thought into. Anyone can cast a weighted treble hook:angry:

  3. Pirate Jerry

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    Yulee Florida
    You can catch spoonbills with bait. Used to catch them below the dam at Louisville on the Indiana side. When the gates were closed we would fish the eddys below the railroad bridge with a glob of nightcrawlers. Also caught some good cats that way. Spoonbills were pretty rare but we did get a couple every summer. This was from the late 40's til mid 50's.
  4. Dadoftwo

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    Oklahoma City
    I never have landed a spoony either but have seen my fare share of people reel'n em in. Hope you get yourself one.
  5. SpoonieKing

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    STL Missouri
    the art of snagging is more than just launching a treble hook. what first attracted me to the sport was that same as life..I hated that lazy people could succeed based off luck. now I do catfish all the time...but too many trips in perfect conditions and the cats feel like sleepin that day. in snaggin the hardest workers shall prosper most...period!

    snagging has three stages
    1. the cast
    2. the drift & set
    3. the fight & gaff

    in the first stage having any athletic ability is a HUGE advantage!!! I use a 15ft ugly stick and a baitrunner 6500 reel. anyplace I snag I'm the furthest caster an am known to hit areas in the middle of the river...right beside those drifting in john boats. upper and lower strength and a strong back and hands are prime. remember u can only snag the fish which u can cast BEHIND!! so if ur only casting 50 yds don't expect too much.

    the second stage reminds me of bass fishing. everyone knows that the largest fish hang out on the bottom. so that's where I drag my treble hooks...on the bottom. I let the current guide my hook the same as if it were fresh herring...and it pushes me straight into the schools of carp and spoonies!!!! this is the most difficult part of snaggin. if ur presentation is off u will never locate the fish.

    moving into the third stage is where brut strength complimented by ironclad tackle is the key. once u hook a munsta...u still gotta reel him in!! and let me tell u something my friend...when u reeling in a 85 pnd fish that has a kayake oar attached to the front of his nose...your gonna grow muscles...or wish you had them. since I strictly riverfish...iv realized that there are fish that are wayy bigger than what I can physically manage. I never believed this until I got caught slippin with my drag set too tightly and was pulled into the river by a monster!

    master all three stages...then when u change tackle...u will be able to catch flats and big blues from the shore and not have to spend money on a boat. gluck. ~sk
  6. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    15' rod? Wow! I'd kill myself with that! LOL

  7. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    I fish below Kentucky Dam sometimes and the big spoonbill are there too. I caught a 45" on an artificial swim shad in chartruese. I dont know if he was going after the bait and missed or if I just got lucky and snatched him in the bill. But either way he was a good fight. I see the guys snatching with big weights and big trebles and it looks like too much work for me. I like to relax when I go fishing. And save all my strength for fighting in the big ones...LoL
  8. Pirate Jerry

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    Yulee Florida
    Dynamite is as sporting and a lot less work..
  9. bc179whitetail

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    St.Louis Missouri
    You should try lake of the ozarks. We snag right in front of our house. If you are interested e-mail me. deanswashandclean@sbcglobal.net We could set up a weekend I will be at the lake. If you go early it is somewhat calm. Jeff is my first name
  10. catfishscotty

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    check out catfishsafari.com he also guides for spoonbill hes got everything just get ur license and he will put u on the big spoonies he provides all the tackle.
  11. Seth

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    Owensville, MO
    I snag a lot down on the James River Arm of Tablerock Lake here in MO. The biggest I've pulled out has been 74 lbs, but my buddy has pulled out an 82 before. They caught the state record down in the area we snag in 2002 on opening day and it weighed 139 lbs 4 oz, definitely a true monster.

    I made a few trips down to Chain of Rocks snagging last year and managed to catch several bigheads and 4 "little bitty" spoonbills. Three of them were about 15" long and one was just a hair over 24". I'd rather catch an old carp than those little bitty bills. I guess I am just spoiled becuase of the spoonbill that I pull out of Tablerock.

    Lake of the Ozarks has some good ones too, but I've not snagged it really. I plan on starting this year though becuase they have some pretty good tournaments out there at the end of the season.

    I like the guy who uses the 15' rods. We use 12' XH surf rods with big spinning reels and 80 lbs power Pro line. Last year I started out with a 15' I bought, but it snapped after snagging for an hour and only one dink 30 pound bill.

    We like to cast for our spoonbill too instead of trolling. I am 100% positive that is the reason we outfish everybody else EVERY trip down on the James River. This is not to say that it doesn't work as well in on LOZ and what not. If the paddlefish are rolling on the surface, then we will throw a 3 or 4 oz weight and rip the hooks back as fast as we can. Those fish aren't on the bottom so you guys using the broomsticks and 16oz of lead are never going to catch squat! The long rods we use are great for when the fish are suspending well off the bottom too becuase you can cover a much greater range of water depth.

    Man I can't wait to start chasing some bills this spring. :smile2: