I think I saw the Alabama Record Spoonbill

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    We fished a Wheeler Dam today and watched as 3 men battled a large fish for quite some time. I didn't see it landed but when we were at the dock they came in and said Hey you ever seen one of these. I was standing looking at the fish in the bottom of their boat when another fisherman walked over and said they better release it because they are protected in Alabama. I was minding my own business and getting our boat wrapped up for the trip back to TN. I don't know what happed to the fish. The AL state record is 52 lbs. I have seen a number of 50lbs plus fish and this thing was a monster. The body was over 4ft and the bill another foot. Im estimating the girth was at least 34 inches. Im going so say just by looking at the fish it would have gone over 70lbs. I had a camera but my son suggested they might not want us taking a picture of it...them I regret I didn't watch it released??? and take a picture.
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    wasn't illegal but the rest of the guys rejected it. my son fished a bass tournament on guntersville this week end. one of the guys brought in a 46 inch blue. said he caaught it on a top water frog. he thought when it took the frog and took off he had won the bass tournament but the rest of the tournament rejected it. course they all recomended he have it mounted. the club only had 50 pound scales and it wouldn't weigh on them.

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    Spoonbill must be immediately released if caught. Was probably an out-of-towner not familiar with our regs. Everyone should read the local regs of any new area they are going to fish.