I should be out...

Discussion in 'LOCAL CALIFORNIA TALK' started by plumbertom1, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. plumbertom1

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    Eugene, Or.
    I should be out fishing today but I have a young friend coming to estimate replacing my existing A/C -heater with a new more efficient Heat pump system.
    I haven't been fishing for more than a week and I am starting to show signs of withdrawal.:crazy:
  2. whiskers77

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    Southern California
    I know the feeling Tom, I'm stuck here at work right now and probably won't be able to get out and fish until Tuesday or Wednesday this week. I'm having fishing withdrawls.

  3. gilmafam

    gilmafam Well-Known Member

    I know how you guys feel.... here at the beach, I can see and smell the ocean..... everytime I walk out of the house I see my boat... got two in the driveway getting ready for the Mayflower AZ/CA gathering at Blythe.

    I put a new fender on the little boat trailer....(someone on the freeway might have found it.... Sorry for the ding in your car or rv. But thats all part of driving to find freshwater fishing.... Miles and miles away....

    Saturday would have been a perfect day to go out and winde a reel some...., but the "honey doos" are important...... Took the wife to the breakfast place on the local pier.... sat outside to eat, and just watched the boats as they went out of the harbor and headed out to the "rocky point" area 3 miles out and along the coast..... Flat calm.... sun peeking out real nice, and then..... a cloud came in, and another, and another. temperature dropped some 20 degrees it felt like..... it was going to snow...

    We'll be heading for the river real soon..... bayrunner ray