I saw god the other night!

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    In todays fast paced world, it can be tough finding time for nearly anything other than work and family hardships. Spending good quality time with our families and even more so, our kids without worrying about everyday problems seems nearly impossible anymore. I went out to spend some time on the riverbank the other night and watched as a guy worked hard to keep 4 kids happy and under control tying knots, baiting hooks and undoing tangles(alot of them), and giving sound advice. The patience of this man impressed me so I went down to introduce myself and give him a verbal pat on the back. Come to find out, he was a single father who was laid off from his job. This man was content and had nothing negative to say about anything or anyone, heck, the fish were'nt even working with him. He was a true example of what a caring and loving father should be. I truely believe that I saw god in that man and wish him the best of luck in everything he does in life. I prayed that god would help me with patience a few months ago. The good lord answered my prayers by giving me more things to be patient about. Funny how he works sometime.
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    Great story; maybe God sent you to each other. You needed to see his patience, & he needed that "pat on the back" from you.

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    Thanks for sharing this story, we can all learn from such fine examples as this man. God Bless
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    You all s pathsncrossed for some reason. May not know right now but somewhere down the line maybe you both will figure it out.As every one knows The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways.
    Thanks for the great story.