I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday

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    I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed living it. I remember it like it was yestarday, but it was Sept 95. I had rented a boat from Ft Stewart and went to pick up my friend and his wife. It was still dark but we all agreed that we wanted to be on the water to watch the sun rise. We went out to Wassa Sound just like we had done so many other times. When we arrived at the fishing hole the tide was coming in so the boat swung around and the rear of the boat and was facing an island. normally we would catch live bait on the way out but had'nt seen any so we used our back up bait, squid. As the day went on we all caught our share of a number of different fish. It was'nt a great day but it was far from bad. We had each caught some kingfish, a croaker or two, the ocasional stingray, and some 2-4 foot sharks. The day pressed on and we fished thru the low tide and the tide began to come in again. By this time the sun had begun to drop and the boat was swinging back around with the back facing the island again. After swaying back and forth for about an hour it finally sat in one spot. We were sitting watching as the bottom of the sun touched the island and the top of the sun was cut off by clouds so that just the center of the sun was left showing. about this time my reel started to sing. I slowly picked it up and put the but of my rod in the bottom of my belly. As I moved my hand high on the rod I prepared to flip my switch and set the hook. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!click! And I yanked back on my rod. It was still pulling and did'nt show any signs of slowing down. I watch as my line started to come up toward the surface. About thirty yards out it came up. The most magnifacent beast i ever saw. I could'nt believe what i was seeing, a six foot Blacktip reef shark coming out of the water walking sideways on his tail. He shook right then left then right again. And it was all in slow motion dead center of the sun. He came down with a thunderous splash and started to run. CRACK! The line snapped and he was gone just as fast as he had come. I remember it like it was yestarday, but it was Sept 95
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    That sounded like a perfect end to a beautiful day, Thanks for sharing that with us.

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    Awesome..thanks for sharing your story
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    A good way to end a day.
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    Thanks for your post it was very exciting to read and thrilling!Thank you for sharing your memories!:big_smile:
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    Veru good recount of that trip. Sounds like one of those awesome memories for sure.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    I bet that was an awesome "picture"
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    That is so awesome. ive always wanted to go shark fishing and im planning on going this summer. thanks for that great story.