I reckon my water boots scared them fishies away

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    DH (Raysplay) and I went Fishing to our honey hole up near Camp Robinson and I got down right dirty with the different baits we tried, and whatever to get Mr. Whiskers to bite. Nothing Na Na Zip on fresh bait. We thought we were going to get rained out but the weather held out. It wasn't real sunny or nothing but still I reackon some days the fish win. Now for Sunday. We woke up real early thinking man it has got to be better fishing than yesterday and went to Benton city lake and not a bit anywhere to be had....:confused2:
    I decided to do a bit of perch/brim fishing and those too were hiding out with the cats. i reckon because we only caught a couple let them go to grow. So we decided to try camp robinson again and chase them Je-Lop-Pee and cats and see if they were now hungry. Could even see one or to of them huge fish and ran a few baits by them nothing. Almost like someone must of fed them before we got there:tounge_out:
    I was throwing a rooster tail on the far side and ya never going to believe what bit. A Baby channel. Yes on a black and gold rooster tail! LOL Let him go to grow of course because he was maybe a good pound and half. But the sun was shining and all was well UNTIL the knats came out. Must of been all that chicken liver i wallered in and off i went to the van. Kind of tired of them bugs. I had everything known to man on.... trying to keep them things off me and even the bounce Robert suggested. I just must be real sweet cause them bugs just love me! LOL
    Well all is well that ends well, me, with a couple benadryl and Ray having fun laughing at me and my new hot pink pole and well that all part of what makes a fishing day fun. PS got to see a tiny fuzzy baby goose baby which was too kool! for me too:wink:

    Ray is a bit disappointed that he isn't going to have his every Monday fish cleaning day but he will live! LOL