I need some Lake Monticello info:

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  1. riverosa

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    I haven't noticed any body talking about Monty lately.
    Do they still generate there?
    Whats going on.
    I would hate to drive from tennessee to a dead lake.
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    North Carolina

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    The bite has been off a lot on Monty this year. Probably not worth the ride down there. :eek:oooh:
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    Sandy Run,
    I don't know when you were planning on comming but I'm going to be up there this weekend fishing Fri. day and into night. I will let you know.
    How could you guys talk smack on my hometown lake?:sad2: sniff, sniff, sniff!!! OK, We affectionantly call it "Lockjaw Lake"

    Just a note for future consideration: They are in the process of building another reactor. Not sure(2012) when it will be functional I will have to ask my brother he works there as an engineer. The lake level there changes alot due to cooling of the existing reactor, I can't imagine what cooling two is going to do?
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    Im not to sure about ridin that far but some days its worth it and some days its not
  6. Allen42

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    South Carolina /Lake Murray
    The nucelar site is not what make the water go up & down so much, what causes that is Fairfield Pumped Storage Plane , it is a seprate plant that also sits between Monty & Broad Rive. during off peak hours, SCE&G buys power or uses excess power to run up to 4 huge pumps thsat pumps water out of Broad River & stores it in Monty untill peak hours & then they open the valves up allowing the water to flow back into the Broad, these 4 gentorators have feed water paipes large enough to drive a simi though . with that being said ,that is why the best time to fish for the huge cats is during the back filling because it pushes so many fish along with the water coming into the lake from the river .It is like ringing a big ole dinner bell for the cats.

    before 9/11 you could fish alot closer to the intake/output & although we never caught any 50 pounders back then there were tons of smaller blues caught in & around the powerful water coming into the lake .

    Once to new Plant(s) come on line I really do not for see much change in the way the water goes up & down daily ( unless pumped storage is off line) All said & done it should be 3 reactors soon to come on the banks of Monty ..the only difference is around the Nuke plant the Water might be a lil warmer because of addition of steam & water being used .