I need some info on blue catfish

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by playinghooky, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. playinghooky

    playinghooky New Member

    north carolina
    During daylight fishing off a bank. How long should you leave your poles in the same spot. Should i move them so often or just wait to get a bite
  2. chrisblue

    chrisblue New Member

    If I'm fishing off the bank and in a productive spot I'll put fresh bait on about every 30 to 40 minutes.When you do that you can cast to a different spot every time you change bait.

  3. LiquidSteel

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    La Vista N
    I go as long as an hour with stink baits, sometimes more. Same goes for when Im using livers. The lakes I fish are damn sites, with a creek still running in it somewhere. That means to me that there is water moving in this lake, drifting my stinky bait (hopefully to a big fat cat). Live baits, I check my bait every 15 and move once every 45 minutes.

  4. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Well, now, I'm 63 years old and I can still hear my step-father telling me to leave my d... pole alone. So, I throw the bait out, wait untill I think God has him doing something else, then reel it in real fast to check the bait. Sometimes it is 2 or 3 hours before I check them, sometimes its 20 minutes. Depends... do I see gar or turtles, are there a bunch of little ones around, have I been getting bites. So there is no hard and fast rule I follow - just sort of still think my step dad's looking. LOL
  5. cumberlandcat

    cumberlandcat Active Member

    I actually check my bait about every 30 mins, about every ten mins I will give it a half or full crank just in case the bait is in a place in which the fish can't get to it. Hope this can help.
  6. JPritch

    JPritch New Member

    Lynchburg, VA
    Man, you all have some patience. I never took my granddad's words to heart about leaving the pole alone!

    I go 10 minutes tops....but I know that's not long enough...but I still do it. Damn impatience!
  7. SkiMax

    SkiMax Well-Known Member

    Rising Sun, IN
    It depends on how long i wait. I fish the ohio river and if i know the blues are there I will wait 2-3 hours sometimes. The blues school here and move along ledges and such. so I will sometimes let them come to me.

    Fished a tourney in september and me and my partner went to a spot we knew blues were in the area. After 3 hours of not getting a bite my partner was ready to move, i wanted to wait a little bit so we did. 4 hours in, still nothing. He was ready to move and i wanted to stay. He said 20 more minutes and I agreed. Sure enough poles starting taking off. Got 3 nice blues in the boat in under 15 minutes and had 2 that were 20+ pounds get off at the boat (one with a net under him). We ended up finishing pretty well. But it definately took patience and some stubborness.
  8. south_va_fisherman

    south_va_fisherman New Member

    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    you guys have a lot more patience than i do. i go about 20 mintues and then cast back out. if i have a couple rods in the water ill leave one or two for about 45 mintues
  9. roughneckcatman

    roughneckcatman New Member

    St. Joseph, Missouri
    I leave poles alone for about an hour. If i know the blues hang out in the area i may go 1 1/2 hours. I do however pick pole up every 20 minutes and give it a crank or two just to ensure it is not snagged up. There have been more than a few times when right after i moved it the pole bent over. One of those times was the picture you see on my avatar. Hope info helps!! Good luck!! Catch and release anything over 15lbs!!
  10. FishBrew

    FishBrew New Member

    North Texas
    for me, it's gonna depend on the bait.
    Fresh bait - lots of critters in the water that will take a bite of it, 30 mins max. - refresh bait, will not cast back in the same exact spot for a while.
    Stink/attraction bait - takes more patience, but regardless, I will not fish the same spot more than an hour without catching fish.
  11. jetdocx

    jetdocx New Member

    Corinth Tx
    I would check them about every 20 to 30 minutes and put fresh bait on them. The smell of the bait helps atract the fish. Fresh bait will help the scent get out. Try throwing some range cubes out which will help bring in the fish.
  12. dusky

    dusky Member

    I reel in a couple cranks every five minutes for three reasons: one- to get it out of a spot the cat might not be able to reach, two-to push water over the bait to disperse scent particles, three- to cover water and reach fish that just don't want to move or are holding upstream of the bait. I put out new bait every half hour for more scent. But, my biggest channel came on a soggy old piece of bluegill, so freshest may not mean biggest. It does mean a quicker bite. I usually cover a spot for channel cat or flathead in under an hour. Blues are different, I think. One night my brother and I fished a spot from 7pm-7am. We caught two-three fish up until 4am. Then we caught one every ten minutes after that. That was my best outing.
  13. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I nomally let my same bait stay on the hook. If they in there they will hit.