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    east central indiana
    ok my next vehicle... hopefully by next summer... will be a truck

    heres what i want
    *good on gas

    i was thinking along the lines on a toyota... but if i find a ranger or a S10 that meets these requirements i might consider it....

    should i consider a bigger diesel truck??? because one of my teachers Chevy 3500 6.6liter trucks(4WD) he gets 28 mpg.... so idk if i should consider a bigger diesel truck or not...

    pretty much i just need a tad bit of advice...

    ANY suggestions are welcome...

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    Waco, Texas, Un
    i would consider a mid 90's toyota. they are great trucks, good on gas and easy to work on.
    Unless you really need a diesel i would stay away from them. Few diesels get that great of mileage (my duramax 6.6 gets around 17) my friends powerstroke gets about 15 and my dad's dodge gets 21 but i hear of other folks who get 10mpg outta their diesels of all denominations.
    If u get really lucky you can find a diesel toyota or mitsubiti. these are GREAT trucks. The toyotas are harder to find since they mainly stay in europe. It is not uncommon for these small but powerful trucks to get upwards of 30mpg. A friend of the family drives an old "doo-doo" browm mitsubiti diesel and it gets around 50 mpg. It is not 4x4 but it is FAST and with that kind of milage who cares?

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    You say that you are considering a Ranger or S-10. Then you ask about a 1 Ton.

    I have to ask what is the primary purpose of the truck? Is it going to be your daily driver? Do you want 4x4 for practical reasons or just for fun? Are you going to be pulling a boat with it?...... If so what size and weight boat?

    And another factor to consider is price $$$$.

    I see that you are 16 and I am going to assume this will be your first vehicle? I would definitely go with used over new.

    As far as options for vehicles..... I drive a 1989 Ford Bronco. I have been extremely satisfied with my truck. It does not get the greatest gas mileage but it is paid for in full. You can find them used at a decent price. If you do consider the Bronco as an option. I would recommend that you get the 302 instead of the 351. The 302 is plenty enough engine for them. It has the tightest turning radius of any truck I know of. I believe (don't quote me) it is 35.4 feet. The Bronco will except 32 inch tires without a lift kit and there will be no tire rub. And I would also think about the auto tranny as well. I was always a manual tranny guy also. That is until my buddy got me into 4 wheeling. It is much easier to be in complete control on difficult trails etc. with the auto. ie. needing brake and throttle at same time ( have needed it many times) mainly on hard clearings.

    I am a big fan of the Toyota 4Runners also. Unfortunately I have never owned one and haven't driven one since 1992. So I can not speak of the them with any knowledge. But I do remember that it was one heck of a truck.

    Keep in mind that there will be many modifications you will want to do to any truck you get. And keep them in mind when shopping. Things to consider....
    1. Lockers
    2. Lift kit (too much lift is not good. believe it or not there is a such thing as TOO big)
    3. Tires (new tires are nice but if you intend to lift the truck soon they will just drive the trucks price up, and the smaller tires will be of no use to you then)
    4. Exhaust system (headers,Y pipe, and catback) stock exhaust is generally too restrictive to get maximum HP
    5. Drive train (SAS solid axle swap) beefier axle's can make a big difference when "abusing" it on the trail. It is never fun changing one on the trail or paying a crazy bill to have your truck recovered.
    6. Winch and custom bumpers with recovery points (If you never get stuck you are not playing hard enough)
    7. Re-geared differentials (if lifted it is important to have the right gears or you lose torque and your power band will be off)

    All those mod's can get very pricey. And If you can find a truck that has some of them already that will save you money. If you do find one that has mod's done....it would be wise to have a local 4x4 shop inspect it. I have seen many lift kits that were not installed properly and that is dangerous.

    I hope you decide to go with a full size Bronco. They are alot of fun and easy to work. If you decide to go with something else I wish you the best of luck also.

    Best of luck to you,