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    what is the best way to wire up all my lights and what all lights do i need to be legal i know i need a green and red light on the front and back any more and also what other lights is good to have for night fishing
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    Not sure of the exact regs in TN, but here you need the green starboard and red port marker lights on front (I believe it has to be visible for 230 deg. around the boat and if you're boat is under 40', for 1 mile on a "clear, dark night") and a white anchor light visible for 360 deg. and I'm not sure off the top of my head whether it's a 1 or 2 mile visibility for that one. The anchor light has to basically be the tallest thing in the boat so it's visible at all times.

    There are lots of ways to wire them, I prefer a lighted switch/breaker panel so I don't have to worry about fuses and it's "idiot proof" at night as I can see what's on.

    You can switch your nav and anchor lights separately as you may not need your nav lights on while anchored, which will save you a bit of battery at night.

    As for other lights, depends on the size of your boat. On a smaller boat the anchor light will probably provide you with enough light to tie knots, etc. If you have storage areas you may want to think about lights in those to assist in digging around for whatever it is you may be looking for at 3AM on a moonless night:wink:

    Run a separate ground direct to the battery for your accessories and be sure each of your devices is fused. Somebody with a lot more electrical/CG regs knowledge will post up here in a bit, I'm sure, but that's the way I do my lighting and wiring. There are also a lot of posts on this thread on various wiring and lighting layouts that you can read up on to get some ideas. Good Luck~


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    Brandon, you covered it pretty darn good. LOL. Must have been reading the posts. My opinion is to have one or two low visibility red lights inside the boat for your rigging. A yellow/white light will destroy your night vision. You may be able to fabricate a shield for the bottom of your anchor light so that darn thing don't shine in your face, but don't block it from any direction except down.