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I need homework help!

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I need some help guys and gals. I need to know how many state represantivess every state has! Someone please help!
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Here ya go Josh....
Have fun counting. It is supposed to be "your"
Josh, good luck with your homework. :)
Good job catbird,good info without just telling him the answer

Aqua,thats the senate
sorry josh, I guess I was somewhat wrong? Thanks, Cook
You didn't need help. You just wanted an easy route out. LOL! As computer literate as you are ya coulda got that info in no time. NICE TRY BUCKO! LOL!
You trying to sqeeze us for info. so you can go fishing I cant blame you for that nice try.
Catbird thank you very much!!! And to be perfectly honest I could not find them I look for about an hour!
i have 2 sons in school and i could look for certain things for literally hours
to no avail on some of these questions they ask on tests.
i think this one teacher in geography last year would purposly find items that were obscure and hard to find info on to ask questions about.
it got brainwracking.
dale you did right bro. great way to do it.
hey Josh I know that it might be hard but the library would have that answer too Sorry just after six kids you learn howb to send them for the info not give it :) :cool:
hehehe. got a good laugh out of this. ya all didn't want to just tell the kid hugh. lmao. i wouldn't know either josh. :eek:
Josh, if you are asking about state representatives, that is different in each state based upon their state constitutions. If you are asking about United States Representatives, That number is determined based on census figures. The more people in your state, the more US Reps from your state. The House of Representatives web site listed earlier would show the current numbers. There are 2 US Senators from each state.
Thanks guys with the help had some math today someone in the chat help me with. Can't wait to see who can do it tom?!?!?
Since this thread is for homework help:

Does anyone know anything about linear programing of systems of inequality equations. This is some difficult stuff, my parents haven't even heard of it.
I'm with the parents on this one, I aint got a clue. LOL. Sounds like something that ya need to get done. I do wish you luck on it.
I understand it totally incompletely!
I finished up College Algebra I and II back in April, but it about killed me to do it. Wish I could be more help, but I barely figured it out using the book and all the help my wife could give me. I couldn't explain it very well in person, let alone via the internet. Sorry.

Yeah, It's for Algebra 2 honors. The honors part is just there to make us sound smart, and give the teachers an excuse to give us twice as much homework.
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