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Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by bluecat junkie, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. bluecat junkie

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    I am wanting to fish the Mississippi River at the Saverton Dam, but I have no idea where to go once I put the boat in. I have fished this area several times before, but with no success. I have great luck getting bait, but I can't get anything to eat the bait. Does anyone know this area and if so can you give me some advice on where I should try. I would be greatly appreciative of any help. By the way I release everything I catch to live to fight another day. Also, has anyone been catching anything lately? Good luck to everyone and I'm waiting for the advice.

    STICKBENDER New Member

    i've been a couple times last 2 weeks and only catching small flatheads. Know what you mean, bite is real slow now. where are you located, i'm in Monroe city area

  3. haden

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    Frankford, MO
    I usually fish the IL side most of the time at the end of the dam. I have also had good luck on the IL side where the current brakes there are a few holes right on the edge of it. My brotherinlaw caught a 45lb blue {cpr} on memorial day. We was just getting ready to move I had just reeled in one of the other rods and it slammed the rod down and started peeling drag man I love the sound it took about 15 min to get it in. We was anchored about at the middle of the dam by the first red sign it is about straight in line with the last big concrete pillar. It was the 3rd catfish he has ever caught. I was there about a week ago and the bite was real slow. good luck