I need help with my Yellow Lab

Discussion in 'Hunting Dogs Talk' started by Katfish Kern, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Katfish Kern

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    Ya know I try and try with my Lab Otis. He is 4 years old now. But still seems to have so much puppy in him. He seems to listen really only when he wants to, or when food is envolved. And my biggest thing is keeping him in the bed of the truck. Any little things gets his attention and he is jumping out. How can I mellow him a little and not wanna run buck wild all the time. I fetch with him and walk him all the time, and he's still a mad man.
  2. CountryHart

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    There is a book, "Water Dog". I highly recommend it for all lab owners. It's geared toward hunting dogs but obedience training is throughly covered.

  3. flathunter

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    I had a golden retrever like that once..I tried everthing, only thing that slowed her down was old age:big_smile:
  4. Philiagorillia

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    Shock collars are a good training aid, just dont abuse the power or set the power up so high it hurts the dog. My brother has had many labs over the years and they trained great with shock collars. Alot of people think that its a form of abuse, but then again thats the people that dont know how to use them. I used them on my rottie when he was little, i set it enough to give him a good buzz but not to where he would yelp.
  5. crab

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    Countryhart has gave you good advice,I bought that book and read it and even passed it on to my brother. I have 5 labs and one is a chocolate one named you guessed it Otis and he is buck wild also. Hes 2 and wears the other 4 out when they are outside running. He is hard to deal with sometimes but hang in there they are like a kid with all that energy. I just try to keep him busy and calm. Good luck with yours cause this ones still crazy!!:crazy: Oh ask catfishjohn how wild they are he just loves him!:smile2::big_smile::wink:
  6. BailBonds

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    My Lab is now 11 and he was the most aggravating dog I'd ever owned for his first 4-5 years and I've owned a bunch of dogs over 50 years. His energy was off the charts. Screen doors, dug holes, tore blinds off the windows you name it. The most protective dog of my wife and home I've ever had.

    He's calmer, tired and arthritic now. Just like me.

    I miss his energy and mine.

    Focus his energy on something positive.
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    Jonesboro, Arkansas
    Waterdog will give good results. I've had better luck with Fowl Dawgs. Still starts with basics and works up. My dog is hyper like yours. Never will completely be able to break them of it, but persistant training will make it tolerable. Just be patient is the main thing. A lot of the hyperactive behavior is genetic.
  8. DIESELkat

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    My lab is super mellow but my Shorthair is 7 now and you would think that he is a year old dog. He is absolutly crazy ALL the time. When I take him hunting, I drop the tailgate and sit on it for a good half hour. After he is done with his cheetah impersonation he slows down and actually hunts. I have read dozens of books from top trainers and talked to some very well known handlers and they all seem to think that its just what it is and thats about it. He is a great bird dog when he slows down and hunts. He is an inside dog that has free run every day, not penned up or chained out. I understand the fact that the breed is a bit hyper to begin with and ive owned some pretty hyper ones before but he is unreal.
  9. 1fishhead

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    as you can see i also have a yellow lab . he is a little over 3 years old now and uptill he was 3 he was wfo so just give it some time he will start to mellow out some before long.:big_smile: