I need help with lake springfield flathead

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    I have been catfishing for a longtime now. I have cought alot of blue cats most over 30 lbs but the one thing that i have never cought is a big flathead. I fish lake springfield and i dont have a boat but i would really like to get on to some big flathead. Can anyone help me
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    Well, welcome first off, 2nd, Is Springfield your main fishing spot? always use live bait for the flatties...... never over look fish close to bank in shallow water, exspecially during the gill,crappie and Bass spawn

  3. jeremydouin

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    First off, where are you catching all the big blues? thats what I'm after now. Anyway, I've caught some nice flatheads from Lake Springfield on the bank. 3 locations I can remember catching fish over 35lbs... Near the dam at Tom Madonia Park, on the opposite side of the park from the dam there is a little cove with boat docks on the opposite side. That cove is pretty deep and has some good structure right in the mouth of the cove. I caught one there a few years ago at about 6:30 in the morning on a shad gut pocket, he was right at 35lbs.

    I've also caught two nice flatheads near Lindsay Bridge. One of them between the beach and the bridge, off a little platform that is built there at about 11pm at night. The other was at "Lake Park" right near those new condominium complexes that they just built. thats a real good drop off right there with lots of rip-rap protruding deep into the water.

    Also realize that I've put in countless hours fishing Lake Springfield to catch these flatheads. I've found that the best bait right now is live golden shiners that I catch in the throw net there in 2-4 foot of water. Hook em like a minnow with a 4/0 kahle...you'll catch some nice channel cat this way also. Good Luck!