I need help with flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by big cat, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. big cat

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    i never caught aflathead and i need some pointers for them
  2. s_man

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    south east ohio
    You're best bet to start out for flatheads is a small to medium size river. Use live bait like bluegills or suckers or bullheads hooked in the back behind the dorsal fin. On the river look for bends in the river on a map then check some out in person. Fish the ones with log jambs or lots of wood along its bank. They use this for cover during the day. Fish close to the bank, they cruise along after dark looking for food. Use the heaviest line and rods you have, you'll need it if you hook one over 20lbs.

  3. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Otto pretty much hit the nail right on the head. Before I found the BOC, I was pretty much self teaching myself about flathead fishing on a medium sized river. Most of my fishing I do there is from bank or wading, wading is the best because I get to the holes that all the other bank fishermen don't get to. But 3 things you need to keep in mind for finding flatheads in Cover, Depth, and Current. If a spot you find has those 3 things in abundance, your in a good spot to try. Live bluegills, sunfish, suckers, chubs, drums, rock bass, goldfish as bait.
  4. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    This man knows alot about flatties, take his advice. Welcome to the BOC.
  5. Redd

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    Southeast Kansas
    s_man is leadin' ya strait. I'll add though, that if you fish primary in the day time, get right next to them logjams. Stay at them for about half an hour a piece, and if no bites, move to the next one. Good luck buddy.

  6. okshores17D

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    The more down tree's and snags the better. if fishing off a boat use a rig that has the sinker at the end of the line as a break line. have a leader about 12 inches above the sinker with a circl hook and live fish. know i have seen cutbait work but ussually when the weather drops drastically. I have caught flats on extra large minnows but bluegills or large shade work very good.
  7. Flatheadhunter33

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    Yuma, Arizona
    Welcome to the BOC bro. With the use of the advice you're getting here, you should be hookin one soon. Best of luck to ya.
  8. laidbck111

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    these guys have got you covered welcome to the BOC
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    welcome to the boc,these guys are leadin you in the right direction so just listen to them and you will be fine.but the best learning comes from experince, so just get out ther and try it out.
  10. bigcatwannabe

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    rowland, nc
    hey buddy, welcome to the boc, i'm not a great flathead fisherman but what ive come to learn in my neck of the woods, is i have a lot of large creeks flowing into my river, anywhere from 4 foot to 9 foot deep, i seem to have my best luck with flatheads at the mouths of these creeks because i believe that the bream and shad like them and keeps them out of the main river current, if you find a spot like this and fish it at night, i believe you will catch one, everyone likes different spots so listen to what everyone says and see how it relates to your spots, good luck
  11. CountryCarp14

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    north carolina
    just be patient. and remember big bait=big fish