i need help finding a good cold weather jacket

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by scooter079, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Hey guys i am an ohio bow hunter and a PA.mountains rifle hunter so i need a water proof,windproof and very very warm jacket and i prefer realtree breakup but thats beside the point so if any one has any good advice on different jackets and were to get them i would apreciate it

    Bass pro annoyes me
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    Camp Dry is the solution to keeping me dry. It is sold in most sporting good stores. i think they might have it at Wal-Mart. It is a product that is used on tents,clothes and footwear for water proofing. It works well on canvas,nylon,and leathers. I spray 2 coats on, 1 horizontal and 1 vertical just like spray painting wit a can. It has worked well on all mt hunting clothes from Camo to Carhartt .
    Kiwi Wet Pruf is another good product. You can find in the shoe care section at most store Wal-Mart or Kmart. It works along the same lines as does the camp dry.

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    I got a good coat last year at A & N. It was on sale for $20. I used it this year when it was 25 degrees outside and stayed warm as toast. If it is colder then that, I wear a freezer suit/snow mobile suit from Refrigeriwear that is rated at -40 degrees, and put my 3-D camo over it.
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    I work over in Afghanistan, and the winters here are miserable. I wear a Goretex Jacket, it is waterproof, windproof, and warm, it has a fleece liner in it, and I have been in -20 degree weather, and never felt it thru the jacket.
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    Altus, Okl
    I've got one of the Cabelas outfitters wool coats. It's very warm, totally silent, and it oughta last for a long darn time. It was a little pricey, but I don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. I also have a camoflauged Carhartt insulated coat as well. It's super warm, especially when I wear a fleece jacket under it. The carhartt isn't very quiet though.
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    Last year I bought a boat load of polar-tec clothes from Cabela's. I bought uppers and lowers in both tech and expidition weight and then layer them. On top of that is a set of gore tex rain gear to keep me dry. When it starts getting cold I break out the Cabela's fleece upper and lowers. The polar tec wicks the sweat from the body and keeps you warm. Now I have warmth with out the bulk. Add a pair of merino wool socks and a good pair of boots and you will stay warm. I have not been cold while hunting since I went to this system and I think that it is because of the wicking action. You sweat on your way to the treestand then sit down and cool off. When that sweat stays with you it works against you.
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    I bought this coat recently for cold weather bowhunting and I am way impressed. It was pretty pricey, but after wearing it in the field it is really worth it. I was skeptical about how fleece could be waterproof, but I was rained on all Saturday and stayed completely dry. The sleeves are also not bulky at all which is a big deal for me when I'm bowhunting. Really warm too. The only thing I have bad to say about it is that the fleece picks up burrs like a magnet and they are pretty hard to get out. I think they make bibs to match and I have been incredibly comfortable in them too. They make them both without scentlok too, so that will lower the price a little.

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    I found a great parka called Arcticshield, that is good to -109 degrees. go to deergear.com for more info.