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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by dip, Jul 2, 2006.

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    i have a 16.5 deep-V with a 2000 Merc 25 tiller. boat ran fantastically last year when i bought it. i winterized and stored mota over winter. changed pluggz and lower unit oil as well as cleaned filter before using it. mota starts great, idles great and runs great up to 10 mph. when it warms up boat dogs out and wont go over 10. went up to 23 last year. got merc manual, it says mota 2 1/4" too low. how would this affect performance? probly have tilt wrong too, i have it on 2nd closest hole to transom. mota is mounted in exactly same place as when i bought it so it must have been low then too. how should i shim it up or should i? any help appreciated!
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    repost to bob and bubbas's outboard advise site. they are GOOD!! and will probly know the answer!!

    all I can guess is maby a partial clog in the fuel filter?

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    I had about the same problem.Turned out my therostat was stuck open.