I need catfishing 101.......lol

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    It's been 18 years since I fished and laterly I decided to start to fish again. Last night I caught a 6lb cat and had hits about every 15-20 minutes but missed them. I guess the day of the cat taking it and running are gone........lol

    Does anyone have an tips to improve my catch rate. I'm fishing the red River in ND offshore. I'm using cut bait and Gameahatsu Octopus circle hooks, with a Lindy rig. I'll be going back out later this morning so any suggestion will be a great help


    Ron :roll_eyes:
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    Getting cool fast up north. The general rule is the colder it gets the slower you fish, and down size the baits.

    I would fish closer to the banks where the shallower water may be a bit warmer. Catfish are not cold blooded, they are,"Polykomertic" or some fancy word :smile2:

    Shallower water, down size the bait, and slow down if drifting... :wink:

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    There are a couple of critical points about circle hooks that could possibly be your problem. You can't 'strike' with a circle hook; jerking when you get a bite will usually pull the hook right out of the fish's mouth. What you can do, though, is to do a slow, steady pull with the rod; kind of like you're trying to drag the bait slowly across the bottom. When the rod starts loading up, do not change the rate of pull till the rod is fully loaded (bent). But the best way to fish a circle hook is to simply leave the rod in the holder till the tip is really bent over. The second thing is hook size. A circle hook is designed to slip over the corner of the fish's mouth, so the distance between the point of the hook and the shank (back) has got to be large enough to easily fit over the corner of the mouth. If it's not, the hook will simply slide out of the fish's mouth. You might want to try kahle hooks. You can jerk them like a 'J' hook, or you can let them self-hook, like a circle. Using an offset version of either type hook will probably result in a better hookup rate, but will also probably result in more gut-hooked fish.
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    indeed try diffrent hook size's, smaller fish cant swallow some of the hooks that may commonly be used, good luck!!
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    I've been using the regular octopus hooks for a long time now and have good results with them. My friend started using the black and blue circles and he really like them. I personally like to set the hook, to me is just another thrill of fishing. If you never used circles before it will take some getting used to until you figure out how to use them right. The fish you are missing could be gar, make sure you check your bait when you miss one and see if there are catfish scrape marks on the bait or if they are gouged with gar teeth. Could also just be some really small cats taking your bait and thats why your not getting big runs and missing the hook set. there are so many variables in catfishing, you just have to get out there and keep trying and eventually you will figure it out again. Good luck!!!
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    Buddy all I can tell you is resurch the the B.O.C. more, There is a wealth of Info posted here!
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    Downsize the hook and bait until you start catching the fish if you are getting bitten regularly. Even if it is gar you will catch some with a smaller hook. If it is all little fish you are dealing with you might want to move a bit.
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    I myself do like circle hooks,but its all with what you like. I would go to smaller chunks of bait or try fillets of shad. The rig that I like is a slip rig and I like to put a small cork bobber by my hook so it lifts my bait up off the bottom. It works. Try this out and let me know how it works. Also look at the member library their is alot of good info their.
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    try 4/0 circles they can catch the lil ones and the big ones. i have caught fish under a pound on thesei mean litterlay a 3 inch cat. thought leaves were on my line when i was reelin in. i use slip rig or drop shot rigs with 3-5 oz sinkers to keep it still. a lil time and paitence will always prevail. are you bank fishing or from a boat?