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Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by Kev-Man, Dec 2, 2007.

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    I'm gonna make myself a doughbait, I got some bad chick livers ( man, the are bad... ), some good ones too, some hotdogs I put out today and a few other tasty morsals those catfish love, I have some lye soap ( they like that stuff for some reason ) and I was just wondering what a good dough recipe might be. Can I just whip up a batch of dough with some garlic in it ? I hear catfish are attrached to proteins, I have some cereals here my wife got and doesn't care for and they are full of that stuff, plus they have nuts in them and everyone knows that nuts are full of protein. I was wondering if I ground that cereal up and added it to the mix would it help it or hurt it ? I'm not to worried if it sticks together very well because I use pantyhose and make nice sized baitballs from them. Will some one give me a little feedback on this ?
    I'll put it to the test right away and post my results A.S.A.P. with pictures. Hope to hear from you...:006:
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    Kevin you have some interesting ideas to try. There is a lot of prepared baits info. found in the BOC library. Check it out ann you will like what you find.

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    I made that concotion tonight and used most of what I said I would. I know this; it's high in proteins ( I made sure of that ), I believe it'll be good. I made a batch similar to this last year and it worked out great, I just stepped up a little for this one. I know this, it stinks right nice. I made it outside and my smelt it in the house. I also had enough leftover for some dipbait and to add to the dough I made to make it stronger if need be.
    Anyway, I'll let you Brothers know how it works in the next few days. I'm still open for anything someone thinks I should add to this recipe.
    Have a good one.
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    Hey Kevin,
    WE use to make our own carp dough. We would add Wheaties cerial ,along with some cotton balls and some vanilla extract. It worked well on those carp.
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    I don't suppose there is any perfect bait when it comes to dough bait. Whatever you want to use is okie dokie. The worst it smells the better...Good luck with you bait..
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    Here's an article I wrote several years back in an attempt to list a recipe for every homemade bait I could find:
    While you may not find a recipe for the exact ingredients you have, you should be able to get some ideas of how to use them.
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    My goodness... I am sure that stuff stinks to high heaven! :crazy:
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    You are limited only by your imagination. I've tried just about anything you can think of. My wife doesn't understand why I get excited when she cleans out the refrigerator :wink:
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    soured corn works good in the mix also
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    Check your regulations in your state / county, on what is called Chumming / Baitting fish.
    Most all state's have regulation's on these methed's of baitting fish.
    If putting a form of bait into a container of any kind. This is going to be regulated by the state. Mostly in fresh water area's. I believe they call this a lure.