I must be about to kick the bucket

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catfisherman369, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. catfisherman369

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    Well along with my Insulin twice a day , 4 meds for hypertention a day , cholesterol dope once a day , neuropathy pill once a day , an aspirin once a day , metformin twice a day , the damn doctor gave me nitro that I have to pack around in my pocket and I am getting oxygen to suck on along with the dang nebulizer I already toke on and a advair inhailer . WHAT IN THE FRICK HAS HAPPENED TO MY ASS I must be about to kick the bucket ...lol... I have fell apart in the last year .

    Advice for all the younger fellas , if you smoke quit if you dont smoke never start . Ditch the spare tire if you have one and try to eat right .....lol
  2. Catgirl

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    Good advice Floyd, but are YOU gonna do that? We want ya to be around for a WHILE longer please.

  3. Jeremy Sheffey

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    keep your head up and out of the dirt pal... you hang in there, it can't be that bad...
  4. corklabus

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    Have you considered seeing a different doctor to see if he agrees with all of the meds you're now taking ? Too many doctors these days just keep adding pills on top of pills to cover up side effects from other pills and never taking anything away. It certainly can't hurt to make sure you truely need everything you've been given. If it turns out you really do need all those things......TAKE THEM FAITHFULLY.
    Hope to see you around a LONG TIME.
  5. ammo warrior

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    Geez bro, your a prime candidate for the disabled olympic catfishing tournament...LOL. Please take care, you need to land a whole bunch more cats


    Welcome to the club brother!It,s a bitch getting old!For my emphysema they got me on 3 different inhalers,prednisone for the inflammation,oxygen(only at night so far).Plavix blood thinner(3 mini strokes).Soma compound for muscle spasms in my back,pain killers when absolutely needed(they want me to take more,but I don,t wanna get dependent on em).C-PAP machine at night for my sleep apnia(takes a while getting used to sleeping with that mask on).3 different meds to try and shrink my prostate down.All them fast living years catch up with ya!Everybody said with my lifestyle,i,d never see 25.If i,d have known I was gonna live this long,I might have taken better care of myself!LOL.Hell,I got a couple others I gotta take every day and i,m not even sure what they,re for!Long as I can still get out and do what I love,I aint complaining though!:pill::pill::doctor::wink::pill:
  7. mintaka

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    Sound advice , and well articulated. I'd follow Corklabus' advice and seek differing opinions. That's a toxic meltdown waiting to happen with all of those pills. One thing about it , it's kinda hard to come to terms with one's mortality , especially with the current state of affairs with our civilization. At any rate , maintain a positive psyche and keep going fishing. They boost serotonin levels , which in turn , may assist in healing and recovery.
  8. MRR

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    Good advice on the stop smoking /never start.I quit a bit over 4 yrs ago.feel great except for the extra weight now.Need to work on that .Personal i feel doctors now days ain't nothing but pill pushers. Get a second opinion on what your taking.You look to young to be on all that med's

    Best of luck and don't never give up. We need you around for along time yet.
  9. smokey

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    Dude, I hear you. after my heart attack I was taking so many pills I used an egg carton to keep them str8.The doc has taken me off many of them now.But still take 6 different pills a day.BUt it sure beats the alternative. keep popping those bad boys,amd we can meet at the river for a show and tell.
  10. olefin

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    Floyd, great advice but it also applies to the older folks.
    Everyone that smokes or overweight should take note of your advice.

    I take blood anti-coagulant every day, med to control high triglycerides, med to prevent another bleeding stomach ulcer, med to control high thyroid and a daily aspirin but thanks to all that and the good Lord I woke up this morning.
    I started battling weight gain back when I was 23, got worse when quit smoking at 27.

    Best of luck!
  11. Papa64

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    I lived hard and fast most of my life. Now I have type2 diabetes (passed down from my dad), high clorestral and a littke bit of parkinson from dad also. Due to injuries, they had me on pain pills 2, 3 times a day and muscle relaxers three times a day, two diabetes pills a day, one baby aspiren, and half of a pill for my clorestral. I decided to quit the pain and muscle relaxers, I can live with the pain and get my head cleared up a bit from all that stuff. Drs. like to prescribe a lot of pill due to getting a kickback from the manufactures of them. My dad was on 27 when he was alive and quit all of them but his heart, blood pressure pills and his insulin, said he felt better than he had for years. Dr pitched a bitch but couldn't make daddy take them if he didn't want to. So good luck and hope you get to get rid of some of them.