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I recieved it last week from Catfish Connection. I got to take it out fishing this past Friday and Saturday evenings. All I can say is WOW!

I bought the 9' Med/Hvy Trigger model with the blue splash. Beautiful rod! I was never a fan of white rods, but these things look awesome with the blue splash and black wraps. While the rod tip doesn't exactly glow at night like they claim, the flourecent paint made the tip easy to see with low light(I was about 25ft from an overhead light). I'm sure with a lantern or black light the tip would really be visible.

The reason I went with the 9' rod is because I always fish from shore. So I need the extra length to help my casting distance. I started out casting 1oz egg sinkers to practice. I eventually started increasing sinker size and worked on my long distance casting. I was using an old Abu Garcia reel rated for 145yds of 12# test line. I had 20# equalivent braid on the reel and "guesstimate" that there was about 100yds of it on the spool. When I tried casting a 5oz sinker, I spooled the reel and lost the sinker. Time for a bigger reel!

The one thing I was a little scared of concerning the rod was it's sensativity. This is the first rod I've ever owned that the tip end of the blank was as big around as a drinking straw. I threaded a nightcrawler on a 3/0 hook and tossed it 10ft from the shore and was plesantly surprised to see the rod tip bounce as the baitfish picked at the bait.

Unfortunately I was skunked both nights I went fishing. But the trips were more or less just to try out the new rod anyways. So I have yet to experience how it will handle a fish.

All said, I am extremely happy with my new Nite Stick. It looks awesome, casts a country mile, and definately should handle the big ones. And the price!! I never would have expected a rod of this quality for only $23!

If you're looking for a good affordable rod I'd recommend a Nite Stick.

Thanks to all the BOC brotheren for giving me the heads up on these rods, and a big thanks to Catfish Connection for the awesome prices and super fast shipping!

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i agree nate, ive had the 10' red splash for about a year i got on clearance at a local sport shop for $13. wish i woulda got more than 1 now and will be ordering another one soon sice i cant get them locally any more. it can cast large bait with ease and has the action and backbone for great hooksets and strong fighting power. very good rod at sweet prices. ive seen em new online for 20-25 bucks i think.
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