I love mankind, it's people I hate.

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    "I love mankind, it's people I hate."-Charlie Brown.

    I say that in light of the last time I hit the lake. My neighbor got a nice jon boat and he graciously lets me use it. So last time I took it out, I invited my bud along. We were going after bass and crappie. I know the best spot on the lake for crappie, however I'm not alone. Anyone who fishes crappie on our lake knows this spot. It's right off a residential road and has open access from the shore. People drive in and fish it all the time, though they're not supposed to as it's a private lake. I don't have any real problem with that so long as they respect the lake and don't crowd it.

    Now it being a private lake, the Lake Association decided that you had to have a sticker on your boat showing you have permission to use the lake. The sticker is some ridiculous annual fee- $50. For a sticker. Even if you live ON the water.

    So me and my bud are catching a few bass on the way to the crappie spot. There's not another boat in sight, and its a beautiful day. My neighbor didn't have a sticker on the boat as he had just gotten it. Of course I would be able to explain this to anyone who asked about it, not a big deal I figured, as I had permission from a landowner and the boat owner. Besides, we're minding our own business. We worked the bank all the way up to the crappie spot, i was throwing a rooster tail and just tearing the bream up. Got a bass on it too. Now the whole time we're workin our way up the bank, a man on the shore of this crappie spot is watching us. He was catching lots of crappie. About when we reach the crappie spot, a family pulled up for a picnic. Nice setting, right?

    Well I started to notice the man watching us intently. Suddenly he yelled at the top of his lungs (we're maybe 30ft from him...) "HEY! WHY YALL AINT GOT NO STICKER ON YOUR BOAT??" I was startled by his tone. "Well sir, my neighbor lets me use this boat, and he's just gotten it and he has no sticker yet." That wasn't good enough for him. "YOU KIDS CAN'T BE ON THIS LAKE WITHOUT A STICKER! I'LL CALL THE POLICE AND HAVE YOU ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING!!!" This I found funny. What I didn't find funny was how he was yelling angrily at two good ole boys just tryin to have a good time fishing, in front of children picnicking. I said, "Well, sir, I'd be glad to explain to the police why I have no sticker. This is a legally registered boat in the State of Alabama and I have permission from the landowner to use it." This set him off. "DON'T BE A SMARTASS WITH ME!" Now, I am extremely displeased. He's cussin in front of children. I say, "Excuse me, sir, but I'm not the one cursing in front of children, and you don't have to yell." He's ticked now. "WELL YOU'RE GETTING UNDER MY SKIN!" Me: "Sir, I haven't touched you. We're just two good kids tryin' to enjoy our fishing trip, and you've done a great job of ruining it. Here's my father's phone number ___-____, and the boatowner's name is _____. If you have something to say you can say it to them. Now y'all have a nice day." I got his name, and we left. I kept my cool, as hard as it was.

    But oh boy, was I ANGRY. This man has nothing better to do with his time than to pick on a couple of good kids having a good time, minding our own business, being no trouble to nobody! Not only did he attack us for no reason, but all of that in front of a family picnicking! He cursed in front of children trying to have a good time, and that's just not right. I talked to a friend of mine who lives on that man's side of the lake, and he said when he first put in, the same guy gave them a hard time about the sticker. My friend didn't even know about the sticker. Sorry for the long post, but I had some venting to do. Ya know, in today's society, kids my age get involved in activities that could get them in jail or worse. And what was I doing? Fishing. Minding my own business. What a jerk.
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    Another fine example of the shape this country is in..............Thanks for an enlightening post.

    Take care.

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    Hey John, sounds like you and me are a lot alike and have the same kind of luck....had plenty of stuff like that happen to me and it really does tick you off, esspecially one time when I was in Florida on the pier by myself and some old guy started being a real jerk and actually started reeling up some of my poles and telling me I shouldn't fish with so many poles when I only had like 2 rods out there! When I told my Dad he said he's glad he wasn't out there because it might have gotten ugly...lol

    Anyway, don't let that moron piece of trash bother you too much brother!
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    Unfortunately, I think a lot of people get their kicks being jerks. I think all of us have experienced something like this at some point. I'm an optimistic person, but it looks like this type of behavior may become the rule rather than the exception.
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    I too would have been extremely:embarassed: and angry also. Especially in front of children. There is no excuse for that type of behavior. It is very sad but people except for a very few,seem to have no morals. They don't care what they say or to whom they are speaking when they say it. I would be sure to get the precious sticker and then see if he has any other complaints. Should he have,I'm afraid I would be the one contacting the police. If nothing else for disturbance of the peace. There is still a law against disturbance of the peace is there not?:sad2:
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    i live near a very similar lake in south alabama. we too had to start getting stickers at outrageous prices. the last time i went out with my buddy on this particular lake we had a fairly identical experience. however we are not as polite and well behaved as you are(which i commend you for). after a few volleys of words you wouldnt say in front of momma. my buddy called the local game warden... that other guy hasent said anything since

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    John, I see your only 17 but I'm glad to see your mature enough to keep your cool but stand up for yourself. You'll find there are alot of adult children in this world and the older you get, the more you'll deal with them. Good luck, don't get cocky, and your parents should be proud of you.
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    The sad part of this story is where he ran into the trouble, and who gave him the trouble. He was fishing, and someone older than him (who should've known better) gave him grief.

    I've found that I run into more jerks while hunting and fishing than any other time. Sad, but true.... there's probably more jerks on lakes and in the woods than anywhere else in the world. I really hope some folks disagree with me and can enlighten me a little bit, because I've run into some real dirtbags while hunting and fishing the last few years.

    Way to keep your cool. There's no excuse for the way that man behaved. You did very well. Hopefully the fish gods will smile on you.:big_smile:
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    I've got to say 511, you can't see the woods for the trees. You got payback on this moron by NOT getting upset. Judging from the "vibes" i'm getting off your post, it would seem the CALMER you got, the ANGRIER this bank-terrorist got & therebywhich he was self-destructing. I bet if an alligator went for him, he woulda given his eye teeth to be on your boat & wouldn't give a flying (you know what) about the bleeping sticker.

    Pat yerself on the back & cast this idiot from your mind.

    The Barse.

    Tight lines.
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    Jeez I really hate to get into this one,particularly since some of my good friends here have stated strong Opinions.First let me make it clear I am NOT defending "JERK" like behavior even when the jerk happens to be right.Manners are never out of style.Lets examine the facts.A sticker was required,passed by the lake owners association.You didnt have one,he called you on it.Had it been me I would have gone to shore and quietly explained to him the situation in a reasonable and respectful manner.That way no shouting in front of children would have been neccesary.Had he persisted with his point then I would have simply said thanks for informing us about the sticker and since we do not have one and are here as guests of a landowner we are leaving.If you were stopped by the Highway Patrol ,driving your neighbors car and it didn't have a license plate on it because he forgot to get one ,or you left your drivers license on the table I doubt the officer would find those reasons acceptable.Bottom line is you were not in compliance with the lake owners rules.I know, I know, he was a jerk about the way to go about it but it takes two to have a shouting match.Now once you get the sticker or your friend gets it, if I encountered this individual again,I would row over, show him the sticker and he should be happy.If he continues to be a jerk in the face of your good manners and politeness then have at it.SOme people and mules need a 2x4.Again I'm not condemming anyone here but it is easy to get wrapped up in our own justifcation of what we do without looking fully at the facts as they are.:smile2:eek:r the other guys position.PS I have found the proportion of jerks on the water or in the woods to be dirrectly related to the number that exist in real life.LOTS
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    Vent away brother you have a understanding and listening audience. The man was a real jerk.