I like my beer,but

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by cook, Jun 8, 2006.

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    come summertime I can never have too much icewater.

    I'm too cheap to buy bottled water,but my daughter isn't,so there are plenty of bottles around.I rinse them and fill about 3/4 the way up,to allow for expansion.freeze with the caps off,so they don't freeze shut.some I'll only fill half way,so I can add water for instant drinking.
    Benifits are....cheap,handy,not water from melting ice,keeps bait cold,handy pee bottle for those times(don't reuse :) )etc....

    I always thought the c-stores and gas stations near recreation areas could do well keeping frozen bottled water if they could get the manafactures to leave room for expansion.Think of the profit margin....1.25-2.00 for a bag of ice vs..95 to 1.50 per bottle,i'm sure most would get 1/2 dozen bottles.

    summer rule...2 beers,1 bottle water...2beers,1 bottle water....besides,taking a pee is the best way to get a bite if its slow!!:lol: :lol:
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    Yeah, but dont freeze water in those bottles....causes cancer you know. Just like everything else causes cancer. Was gonna eat an apple, but hell, causes cancer. Grapes, cause cancer. Everything is gonna kill ya, enjoy the ice water next time, LMAO.

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    I like my beer too.