I Know in the Grand Scheme of things there is a reason!!!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by pk_powell, Nov 1, 2007.

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    And we don't always know what The Great Spirit has in mind,we just know or we should know that whatever it is, it is always for our best. But I'm very Angry right now and even after getting down on the floor on my bad knees and running the vacume which my back will let me know later I'm still fuming big time. We just found out that the Trial has been postponed once again.This time it has been set for the middle of May 2008. They gave a date but in my anger I have forgotten. Said they couldn't get all the Doctors Deposed.Steve is gonna be upset with me for running the vacume but I had to release my anger some way. I'm so exhausted with all this. my pain,his pain which is all their fault. I wanted out of this crummy apartment complex. I told the lawyer I felt they were going to keep dragging this thing out and he swears that they won't. Sorry for burdening everybody with my problems I was just so angry I wanted to strangle somebody.:angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:Sister Pat:sad2::sad2::sad2:
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    Now Pat did that really surprise you that it has been postponed.Like I told you before thier playing a waiting game. Trying to get Steve to back off and wind up with a big fat zero. Like I said before Hang In There.About all you can do this late in the game. And right now thier holding all the winning cards (so to speak.)